Friday Recap

Happy Saturday – I got plenty of rest and feeling much more recharged ❤️

So I had to work yesterday. I am now Monday through Friday.

I don’t know if that will change though because we have 3 office managers now – one for each location … not just 1 person handling all 3!

But the other 2 work Sunday through Thursday

So that leaves them with me (inexperienced and still learning) for Friday’s … and I have to handle all 3 on Fridays

And then Saturday there is no office managers in… office managers are the ones who approve everything and do account changes or handle checks etc… there are many things.

So I don’t know how they cover that gap? Or if matters for one day? The arrangers can be intense – I have one intense one lol

So we have these Covid restrictions and things now –

So every single morning – I take my temperature and record it. The company bought us thermometers 🌡 – they are forehead thermometers.

I hold it up to my forehead and it takes my temp. It has a light on it that always lights up green… if it lights up yellow – caution ⚠️… but if goes red – I can’t go to work.

I have 80 hours of Covid pay to cover me for a 2 week time period IF I get sick- which I am not planning on doing or using. I would still get paid for 2 weeks.

Anyway… I take my temp every morning

I put my mask on just like you do clothes, before I walk out the door. I keep it down around my chin until I am near someone – then I put it up

I stay distanced from people and try to have the smallest contact with stores – I have even been online ordering for Christmas 🤨😝😝😝😝😝😝

Oh I hate online ordering!!!! Ughhhhh it kills me!!! Not so much during the rest year… but during Christmas I hate it – but I also hate crowds so whatever – choose your poison lol

* I do not like Christmas time online ordering because – I can find better deals myself… and I like to just know I already have it… with online ordering you pray to god everything ships on time 🤨🤨 I don’t like that feeling during Christmas – I don’t like that deadline feeling

So anyway…

Then when I get to work, my mask is on always – except to drink… and when I eat

I do kinda like my face warm in winter – so again – another bonus of masks lol ✌️

I have not caught anything at all!! No colds nothing – I keep myself away from everyone!!

Still doesn’t really mean I am safe. There is always risk.

We also have to text everyone to tell them we are feeling ok 🤨 this I also don’t like 😝😄

We are supposed to text at 7am … that would be SEVEN O’CLOCK!!! 🕖 07:00am

Well that intense arranger will text at 4am, 5am whatever 🤨 dude … that is not 7!!! And it’s REALLY bugging me so I am gonna mention because it is driving me nuts too much.

I have my phone off – it’s still off … it’s in silent mode lol … because no.

I am on day off – deal

But this 4 and 5AM shit has to stop!!! I have a mother with Alzheimer’s – I need my phone on. So this is kinda bullshit that I will be fixing next week.

How about I just tell you IF I am sick? Cause obviously if I am recording the temp and showing up for work then I am fine. You only need to worry if I am sick

So yeah that is becoming a thing that needs to stop 🤨 dude needs to chill!!

I had to go to the post office over there by the haunted mansion…

We needed veterans flags … I had to pick up 4 of them. 😮

So I go… and they tell me to wait for this one guy who handles that … so ok … I wait.

The guy comes to the window and speaks 😳😄 umm his voice was like an announcer?? Hmm I smiled behind the mask the whole time because of how he speak to me lol

He spoke to me like this:

How you not gonna smile with that?

He left the window, and was gone for maybe 5 minutes… he comes back with 4 flags… which are in big boxes 📦

So I have them piled … I have that bad arm… it was really hard.

Not one person even tried to help me … no one opened any doors nothing…

I have never experienced that before 😮 they just moved aside 😮 what???? What is wrong with people but whatever

When I got outside heading to car … I was still struggling cause I couldn’t see over the boxes and they were heavy

A very elderly little old lady, asked are you ok? Do you need help… well at that point I was almost at the car and figured best to stay on track

So at first I said “oh I am fine thank you” and as I said that my folder fell and there was no way I could get it … so I said “ok maybe I need a little help” lol

And she came over and helped me ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful soul ❤️

I then had to run to my first funeral home after that… drop something off… and get over to mine

Also during all these things – I have to run reports and do them – get them signed off on… and turn them in for a time frame – I have deadlines 🤨 and I am new

I’m pretty sure I am doing correctly so far

Ohhhhhh and while I was at haunted mansion… we have a new office manager there and she knows her stuff

I know that I probably won’t have much training so… I figured let me see how she sets herself up…

This girl is on it… she has an awesome system… and while I was looking around (I had to sit at her desk) I found an office manager MANUAL 😮😮😮❤️ omg

So while I was there alone… I copied every page ❤️ so now I have a manual. ❤️ now I should do really good right out the gate!! Why do we not all have this??

I want to do good – that manual – is gold ✌️

So that was a very productive and crazy day!!

It was raining when I left work 🤨 in the dark 🤨

Took me an hour to get home and boys already there.

My oldest was telling me about some video game he playing…


I got to hear how incredible CD Projekt Red is as a video game company … he said he had been waiting for this game for 8 years.

They took so long because they offer you a full game – NOT a game you pay $70 for and then get charged for extra stuff too

This company doesn’t believe in that… they promised a full game and would be seamless… no load screens … no massive costs – just buy the game

I guess sales have been incredible … they also gave everyone who buy game a ticket to get next game free!!

And THAT is how you run a business … THAT is how you capture an audience … that is how you spread your name, that is how you get big!

And oldest has been drawing ❤️ I used to buy him tons of art stuff … all 3 of them draw incredibly (I can too) – my moms dad was an artist of sorts … so must just be in the blood

But his drawings are amazing ❤️

I said “oohhh are you gonna do something with that? Like an animation or something?”

He was like “what?? No, just drawing”

I said “you should do an animation … that would be awesome”

And he says “yeah I don’t want to do story telling stuff “ 😮😮 (is this my son? Lol I’m kidding – but how you not love stories?)

I dunno I guess that changes his genre or something ?? Whatever

I loved those “Draw my life” videos … and the ones that tell a story with drawing ❤️ I just love those … can people do more of those – you have time … you are at home, if you have the talent to do that… do it!!!

I love all aspects… I love to hear about other lives, I love animation, I love story telling ❤️ oh c’mon do that!!

He just laughs and says no 🤨😄✌️… but I do want that 💋

19 and daughter take forever to eat. Me and oldest always finish eating quickly – the other 2 take forever … they are the slowest eaters ever!! 🤨

It poured last night 😮 the whole time!! And it was cold 🥶

We didn’t play any games last night. Just talked and stuff – I shared a few work stories – they tell me about their stuff … we laughed

I put this on…

I would have been 9.

And how you not love … ohhh wait ok I get it – it just hit me.

That is MY lifetime not theirs – ok I see … but is still amazing

They all groaned lol 😮😄✌️what?

Then they show me something?? I forget … I like documentaries, they are VERy aware lol

They are always trying to show me these things they say are documentary style – but they are not

I dunno – they just are not… they always think I just like things – no … is more in depth than that lol

Then when it was time for them to leave… it was dark and rainy and out here in the country …

I said “wait a minute – let me check my app and see how long it will rain for”

They ALL roll their eyes – but this thing nails it!!! I’m telling you!!!

It said “rain will continue for 22 minutes” so I said … “you should wait 22 minutes” lol

They don’t believe me… so I put on my rain jacket and they had umbrella ☔️ … I walked them out ❤️ told them go slow… dark/raining/animals (high deer population)

And that was our night ❤️

It did stop raining in 22 minutes by the way. Lol … cause yeah you should listen to your mother lol

I was just so exhausted from the week and everything

Anyway so that is that…

As I finish up… these are my kids years ❤️

1994 –

2001 –

2006 –

(I have one child in another century lol) ✌️ I am timeless lol ❤️😄

Alright whatever 😘❤️ that was my Friday 🙌❤️

Happy Saturday (we are overcast and kinda yucky) I only moved from the bed to the couch lol …. but I brought my warm fuzzy blanket with me lol … I don’t really feel like doing stuff but I do have to. Bleh – in a minute lol

Oh yeah one more…

I thought of you

Storytelling My Life For You! — Read on

On that one because of your music scavenger hunts ❤️❤️ check it out it’s really cool and yes that ✌️

Ok bye for now

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  1. Cyperpunk 2077!!! I saw the preview trailer a couple months back and was bummed it was a game instead of a movie!!

    I didn’t listen to the whole voice clip… was it for the documentary “In A World”??

    Didn’t get to read the rest.. cats & neighborkid..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He does have a high performance PC… he mentioned this that there would be a little kick back

      I can’t remember what he said but he knew some were complaining


      1. What is the EDC community? I am not good with abbreviations ✌️

        Very interesting – I will still have to Google her – am curious ✌️


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