Very sleepy

I will come back tmrw, for Friday recap ❤️

I am just way too tired – I am like this:

It is very hard to keep my eyes open – they sting

It is freezing and been raining since this afternoon

I want to just slide into bed and under all those covers … I will literally be out like a light instantly!! I am turning my phone off ✌️ (I do not want text messages from anyone at work – I am going to TRY to sleep in!)

So yes. I will be back tomorrow – I have the weekend off ❤️✌️

(I still am excited for that even if I can’t go anywhere or do anything)

Ok I be back tmrw 💋 Gnite ✌️

2 thoughts on “Very sleepy

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    1. Oh yes absolutely!

      I am only exhausted because I wake before the sun ☀️… go to work, which is crazy sometimes (most of the time) lol… and then I come home in the dark lol

      Then my kids came over and we laugh and chat about stuff ❤️

      So by the time yesterday ended – I was beat!!

      But yes must keep batteries recharged – it is actually really important ❤️

      Thank you 🥰

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