Stay at home mandate

And yeah we have new covid restrictions with temp taking even for us before work and anyone near us… also no one except workers allowed in building.

I need the stay at home order letter which I will get – I am shipping cremated remains currently

I be back later ✌️ I tell you better then

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      1. I haven’t had xmas since the 90s but feel sorry for kids… a news report said some Santa mailbox in France is getting lots of letters with kids asking Santa to stay safe, and to protect their family members.

        From today’s covid update: “The state will be split into five regions — the Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, Northern California, San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. If the remaining ICU capacity in a region falls below 15%, it will trigger a three-week stay-at-home order, Newsom said.”
        Also today, Biden said he will request a 100-day nationwide mask order upon taking office.

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      2. Yeah… all Christmas shopping will have to be online this year 😮

        I am so doing Christmas Pizza!! 🍕- new tradition lol

        Yes I know about the 15% … I didn’t know they breaking into sections.

        Thank god we got Biden!! Oh thank god!!! ❤️❤️❤️


      3. I have to stop by and check him out – I haven’t in awhile – I haven’t been doing the feed cause I can’t keep up so much lately.

        You should!! Who doesn’t love pizza and Christmas pizza sounds amazing to me ❤️❤️❤️


      4. Ewww that would be ALL you! Lol

        I like when the pizza place stuffs my crust with cheese – omg yes please!! That is like the best!! I really love the stuffed crust thing ❤️

        I either like supreme or everything – except mushrooms and the things you mentioned lol (I do like onions lol)

        Or I will do a … Hawaiian but I change it a little lol
        Still pineapple on a pizza …
        But I like actual bacon… not Canadian bacon lol ✌️ and then I add a few other things

        We haven’t had pizza from a restaurant in quite awhile.

        Do you have those they make it/ you bake it places? Lol


      5. If we have a make/bake place, I’m not aware of it.

        I have a can of crushed pineapple specifically for adding to pizza! I like it with pepperoni.

        In every stuffed crust I ever had the cheese was too cold or had no flavor.

        There used to be a place in the bad part of town that made pizzas with literally an inch of toppings! They were more like lasagna and really really good!

        I also heard about “Thai pizza” that’s said to be amazing. But I’ve never had it and am outside their delivery area.

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      6. Yeah I am classic type just with that stuffed crust ❤️

        My kids tease me all the time with the pineapple on the pizza 🤨 they say doesn’t belong on a pizza but I disagree and yes is also good with pepperoni but also with the bacon – everything is better with bacon ❤️

        I love when you can find a restaurant that just kicks it. Knows what they doing!!

        I have had some of those

        You should check with door dash or one of those and see if be in their delivery area?


      7. If it’s open, I’ll order from the pizza place at the end of the block. I used to get one called “Mona Lisa”, that I remember has a ton of toppings. But the simple slice of cheese pizza the neighbors gave me (last week?) was heaven!!

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