Well… we have new guidelines to follow.

So everything is BY APPT only.

If you come with a mask, we don’t know your mask is clean or not? So we give you new mask to place over yours

You will also be signing “Contact Tracing” forms … we have already been doing that.

Your temperature will be taken.

We will also be recording our own temperatures daily.

Masks to be worn at all times! ALL TIMES!

People generally will not be allowed inside but incase they need to for some reason we be doing all that

When I take my mask down to drink – I feel bad… Like I am doing something forbidden 😮Then I don’t want to drink.

Only WebEx Meetings for arrangements and when dropping off clothes or picking up death certificates – call us when you are here. We will come to you in your car – please have your mask on.

I am sorry, I can’t offer you much for services … you can not have closure at this moment… sorry. I have to tell you no.

It is not in our hands – our hands are tied. Not a good time to die. Don’t die right now!

And we about to go into another severe shut down. Our hospital capacity is just about at limit

And you can ask questions if you are curious… yes I see the cases at work, yes we suit up…

Age range and conditions that I see with covid… this is just from me… remember I am no one… is only my own personal view and what I see…

But I see the deaths are typically ranging among the elderly… 65+… the ones I keep seeing are with alzheimers or some sort of underlying issue (if they were weak already from any other condition)

Right now… I see it with older mostly. But I am watching people get sick with it.

When a hospice nurse calls from a nursing home… it’s a little like James Bond – where they are like …

Wear full PPE (personal protective equipment) … come to front lobby to have temp taken – then wait for further instructions

It’s serious now 🤨

So I get to see the death aspect … but I am also watching it approach.

Remember my cop guy? He has it. A child at my daughters school has it… it is in our community now…

It’s like you see train comin… all you can do is close you eyes and hold your breath – it be fine. What is meant to be will be. What are you gonna do?

When I had cancer – you feel helpless. You feel a lot but you have no control.

It’s very similar

Ok. Well.

Is covid trying to keep me at the funeral home?? …because that is TOTALLY working!!! ✌️

Today went well. It’s just always messed up when covid enters – it sends all my arrangers all scrambling

I had so many meetings today!! 🤨 meetings and modules and cremated remains lol

I get antsy. Fidgety when in front of computer too long and all inside lol… ugh!!! (I have no windows in my office – I can’t even look out)

Well anyway. Oh I showed my arranger this: (you have to watch the whole thing)

Lol ❤️❤️ fricken SNL ❤️❤️

Ok so that is it I believe?

I be reading and catching up some. ✌️

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

Stay safe – be well – don’t die! 🙏

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  1. Sucks that people won’t get closure but YAY for keeping you even safer!!

    I posted about new job planning an IN PERSON team meeting, with lunch!!, next Tues. oh, HELL NO… I’m not meeting a bunch of strangers in person and DEFINITELY not eating (masks down) in a room with them!! I put an end to that real quick!

    I like how I look with a mask on… hides a lot of my wrinkles & fat!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it really sucks when people are grieving with a loss and you can’t help them, and say sorry. We can’t do that. It’s a heartbreaking for the families.

      Yes I will be very safe ❤️ but that still doesn’t mean anything – that doesn’t mean I am safe.

      But I will be locked away more securely! ❤️

      Oohhh I will have to go read!!!

      I like the mask cause I don’t need lipstick 💄 💋

      And I like the mystery, it does help some with being hit on but that could also be covid lol …

      My smile is what draws people so that is covered ✌️ only my eyes, which still smile – it’s just you don’t have the full effect with the eyes AND a gigantic smile


      1. Lol … see there are small tiny benefits ❤️❤️❤️

        We were also talking today about what will be like AV – After Vaccine? How fast will those masks come down?


      2. Good question! We won’t know who got the vaccine vs just hates masks till they start getting sick!

        I read that we need 85 or 95% of population to have immunity before it will stop spreading.

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      3. We need 80% of healthy people to be vaccinated and 90% of the high risk group to be vaccinated

        🙏🙏🙏 oh please people c’mon do that!! Let’s just have one thing be easy 🙏


      4. I intended to wait, due to the possibility of unknown side effects. But that was before I had a close call. Now I’m all, screw it… if there are undetected serious side effects, I won’t be alone in having them!!

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