Oh yeah…

One other thing… just out of curiosity- do you yearn ??

For whatever – I don’t care, everyone has what they love – but do you yearn for something?

You must right? Is there something you really truly want?

If we each got to pick one thing we really truly want – what do you want? What do you yearn for? Anything?

Like honestly what first pops in your head when I ask you what you want? If you could have one wish granted 😮 what would that be??!!

Random – but I’m curious. ✌️😘

I got asked if I “yearn” …

All my conversations with people can sound weird, but they are actually completely normal in context lol ✌️

PS!!!! When I go to google anything about yearning 🤨 … it gives me back all things about love 🤨… like ALL of it!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Oh yeah…

Add yours

    1. lol … there is nothing that you long for? Or just wish for? Or want?

      Yup I do … I yearn lol

      I just have several things I yearn for.

      Hmm maybe I should post what I want lol – there’s a small list lol 😘😄✌️


    1. Does that mean you yearn to have great sex?

      That is a very good yearn to have.

      I ignore that yearn for the moment because I am busy and there is covid, and I don’t know how to actually date and stuff so yeah… I just ignore that yearn lol

      That sits on back burner for me currently?

      But having said that, when eventually happens …it better be great lol✌️if I finally am comfortable enough with someone like that and I decide yes for that… omg better rock my world lol … insync- blow away?

      😮 I will have to TRUST completely for that 😮😮😮 I am still feeling nervous there.

      It’s because I want something with that. So yeah – that can hold on for awhile.

      You totally don’t need another person ya know lol 😄✌️

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      1. Lol… ok well don’t think of that option yet lol

        Wait until covid lifted cause what you gonna do before that? You can’t just meet people right now? Lol

        I do agree, but I’m alive with one! ✌️ and I have peace – and I know myself so I dunno pretty awesome for the moment lol ✌️

        I’m pretty content with it currently lol

        And just like with any relationship – put effort into making it amazing.

        You body is a wonderland
        John Mayer ✌️😘

        I kinda like the peace of not having to worry about being hurt ✌️ so that’s my take … I get along real fine

        But ya know, 2 is better – just not right now – stop thinking about that lol you can’t do much about it. Lol

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      2. Indeedy, mine is more complicated than it needs to be anyway – however – remember you asked what l truly yearned for 🙂 I was just answering honestly.

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      3. I do remember – I did ask you … thank you for being honest 😊 appreciate very much!

        Think how much stuff people will be excited to do and have again, after all this covid crap? Lol


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