Can you take me higher?

So… let me run something by you… cause um I don’t know what to do ?? Again 🤨 crap

Stop giving me choices all over the place lol

So I went and ya know applied for things before… before I got the full time.

Today I heard from one of them and I got the job if I want it 😳😮

The thing is… it’s listed at 4 months but most likely keep going…

Had HIGH pay AND benefits …

And here’s the kicker… it’s a federal job… so do I want it? It is with USPS. So??

I am not home – I am doing distance things for myself that I have to do!! But that just came on my phone now… they ran checks on me, I passed

So what I do?

Do I wait on that and stick here to get skilled? Or do I go federal? Make good money? And have a pension later?

🤨 fricken decisions – stop 2020!!!

The federal job is closer to me and also rural

Ha! I am sitting in my car right now with my door open and my leg on it… some little bird came and landed on my knee 😳😮lol well hello 👋

He wasn’t even scared of me?


So what do I do?? I always have to think about everything!!!

So yeah – I wanna fly real high. So do I want to take a chance? So I feel lucky ? 😳😮🍀

What would you do? Do I hold my breath and jump or stay safe? Omg I am not a risky person but I feel little risky?

I’m just not sure I will have to think 🤨

What will take me higher? Cause I want that.

10 thoughts on “Can you take me higher?

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    1. Yeah I know is my decision 🙄 I will make it???

      I don’t know. I will probably stay? There will be long term benefits if I stay right now… I will get skills and it be all good… I am on good track at moment. I put time and effort here… so??

      But then ?? Way more money, closer and federal job – so ????

      Oh no how I make this choice??? See????

      Do I care about skills? Or do I want to step up now as is?? Hmm

      Is risky to take it? But then kinda dumb not to? A lot more money. So I don’t know.


      The bird thing was totally random and weird! 😮

      I had to do all my pick up errands and a few things


    1. Yes I know this. It’s just hard for me to weigh both sides or see both sides without being blinded by things… one side is money and federal… and the other side is skills and experience (adventure) and I built that

      So ??? I will probably stay? I built this, ??? Ohhh but then the money 😮😮

      Dammit 🤨 it just keeps going around and around for me

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      1. Trisha, you need to weigh up all the pros and cons, benefits versus priorities, wants and desires.

        If money is good, that might be something to look at, Federal is that like civil service/government job ? They usually look after their employees and jobs are secure and we are fast approaching trying time economically – sometimes job security and high income are needed to award stability. Adventure can be sought anywhere to the adventurous 🙂

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      2. Well Trisha, you were looking for change, money is higher and allows for more benefits in itself, new experiences, new people, increased job security and a different and hopefully greater challenge and it’s closer to home …………….

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      3. I know 😮

        I just built up so much with this and that title is amazing too and the skills I could get from it – but where I currently am keeps me stagnant.

        I just feel nervous

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      4. Or… that I am terrified it will go horribly wrong lol

        I built alot… so do I just throw that away?

        What if the grass is not greener. I can not afford to fail. Failure is not an option 😘✌️

        I am nervous because I don’t know how good gonna be?

        Not really big fan of change – but whatever, life seems to think I need a lot of it lol


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