20 crazy weird songs from last 20 years … part 2

Songs 10-1 … this is just part 2 ✌️ I am late and behind with posting – very badly – better late than never right? It’s always fun anyway ❤️😘✌️

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These are songs from the past 20 years that were crazy and/or weird ✌️😘 … this is part 2… part 1 is somewhere in my posts – good luck to find lol ✌️😄 (I wish they would let me organize my posts – that does drive me nuts WP won’t let me just do that how I want it!)

But here is my part 2 list for crazy weird songs of past 20 years …

10.) www.youtube.com/watch

9.) www.youtube.com/watch

8.) 🤨🤨


7.) youtu.be/npjF032TDDQ

(You also have to understand – some of these I love ❤️)

6.) www.youtube.com/watch

5.) www.youtube.com/watch

(SNL ruined this song for me lol… every single time I hear this song – I see the SNL skit – which I do not like, so I will not post lol – it bothers me too much) ✌️

4.) www.youtube.com/watch

3.) www.youtube.com/watch

2.) www.youtube.com/watch ❤️

1.) www.youtube.com/watch

I do love many of these – and some I can’t stand lol …but these are the weird and crazy songs from past 20 years …

They are all endearing ❤️ (except number 1 – that one annoys me lol) ✌️

Ok so that’s it ❤️😘✌️

Off to be adulting with my life 🤨😝 😄✌️

3 thoughts on “20 crazy weird songs from last 20 years … part 2

Add yours

    1. Lol… well some I like – I will just put the ones I love on repeat 😄✌️❤️

      Oh I got my bass in blue 💙… I got that down real quick lol 🎶💗💓💗🎶

      I like to enjoy my rides lol 😘❤️ I have to be in car driving a lot so I make it the way I love it 😘❤️✌️

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