New people

Yesterday… the new neighbors stopped by with Turkey soup 😮 they just handed to me when I got home

That was mega sweet right? Yes – nice hot meal after work, I do not have to cook ? sure yes thank you – that was very sweet❤️

I made a comment about their house – is decorated for Christmas

They made a comment back how much they love decorating for Christmas and would do my gate and home

I just laughed cause ??

They ask me if I decorate?

I haven’t . Not like that …

I haven’t in a very long time actually. ☹️

I would be happy but that might also make me cry? I was not going to decorate this year

I am not really there yet?? yeah that could make me cry? Not sure ?? Most likely ✌️

I don’t know these neighbors

They new… so now I know literally all my neighbors lol … that is the country Vs the city – which is different.

And everyone always say to me – we never see you. I am a quiet one. I work and quarantine 🤷‍♀️

It’s funny … in a business setting – I am extremely confident and clear. ❤️

But for my own self?? I am confident, but more shy and cautious ?? Quiet?

Anyway – I just notice that –

I am very confident in work

But I am not confident in having people come in close to me. I am little slower more cautious and observant ??

Sorta … sometimes there are people who hit like whirlwind with me?? Like my guy friend from work ❤️ he just likes to make me laugh ❤️ that’s gotta be what it is ???… I enjoy him because he makes me laugh so much and I think that encourages him to try to make me laugh ?? I do not know? But it seems that way – cause he is hilarious! And I love his smile! I enjoy life more when he is around (I enjoy life always, but he brightens the days)

I am never around to know the neighbors so ?? They are extending to know me lol

The others are very kind and loving too lol … I am lucky 🍀❤️ I survive from kindness ❤️ … and I work hard but kindness has a hand. ✌️❤️ – that also brightens my days

They are very sweet. ❤️

Ok I have to run I be back ✌️

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