No Monday!

Lol… so yeah… Today was weird… first “I” was scheduled to work it as always…

But then no someone else was going to… so ???

But then they want me training with them… so ok trisha come in do a half day…

So I went in thinking training for half day but trained for little bit sorta… and then they took half day lol

So then tmrw leaves only 3 of them…

The one at my location has 2 appts tmrw (they are virtual – we are doing arrangements virtually at this time)

No walk ins by appt only, please call first due to covid… so that’s what we doing at this moment.

So she be only one in office … she will have to forward phones to one of the other 2.

She will put sign up on door saying please call and the number for assistance

If is something urgent the other girls can reach her by cell

She is not happy lol… she asked “how come you are not going to be there?”

Before I even told her anything I checked with my boss… I said to my boss “are you sure you do not need or want me tmrw cause here’s what you got”

And was told … “you need a rest… take time off” lol

So anyway, I told my girl I wouldn’t be in cause I have not had a day off

And she just says “great”

She kinda complained a little – but she can handle it. It will be ok. It has not been bad. It is smoother now

Wait til she sees what I did to my desk lol 😘✌️😄

I don’t like what is up on the shelf … I just wanted some prettiness …

But then I had to put an important box up there 🤨… and I didn’t want the hole punch on my desk so that’s up there too… I just found the other stuff around the funeral home lol ✌️😄… and we always have candles 🕯❤️

They make a big deal about people’s desks because they say it shows who they are – this does not show me – this is temporary lol … I don’t know what decorations I want yet – these are fine and homey for now ❤️

But I changed the configuration all around. And the other girl today moved all the electronics with my computer

This is what I ended up with for right now. I like it. ❤️

Anyway… so… I have tomorrow off ❤️😮 lol … I have a MONDAY off!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ woo hoo!! I get to skip right on over that!!! ❤️

No Monday for me ❤️❤️❤️


Ok I have to change and I will be back 😘❤️❤️

But you need to watch these cause these are awesome ❤️:

That one is from Halloween 🎃

Check this one out for Christmas :

I love when someone does that ❤️ and when they put the lights and the music together – I really love that ❤️❤️❤️

I am going to change and come back to read ❤️✌️

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