Well… I was not supposed to work the whole day lol… but whatever – is “hours”

So here I am. Is going really well. Knock on wood.

I do still feel nervous but I am still new. Still learning so it be good. I am excited.

Oh yeah… during the day… I love those car lights… but at night while driving – I do not like them on. It is too distracting on highway.

First… there is pretty light… my whole interior softly lit… I have it on blue of course because I am also a matcher lol … I like my things to match lol ✌️😘

I can see everything, and that’s distracting while I am driving … and not only that…

But people can see me – in the dark… so no… I do not like it at night.

But daytime is awesome ❤️✌️ I will enjoy them during the day.

I love how pretty they are!

Alright so what day am I on? Sunday? Ok … I have tomorrow and Tuesday off!! Pretty sure!! Cause I don’t remember when I last had off?

I keep having to remember what day it is lol ✌️

Alright well let me get back to work 😘✌️

Ooooohhh ok wait … if you are easily offended … be done with this post and do not read any further … lol … I laugh but I am serious …

Ok so someone sent me this and I just find it funny…

So if this were to actually explain how each religion people are…

Then what am I?? Lol

I would not be Catholic because I do not like what that says lol

Instead … I believe I would be Protestant lol … I have to be!! Omg … when I read that one – I thought “yup that’s me” – currently anyway ✌️

But according to this …I could also be Taoism (I don’t know much about that) but shit happens so they are right lol – or an atheist lol 😄😄 – cause I also don’t believe shit lol

That’s too funny – those are very funny to me.

Alright I have to work ✌️😘

5 thoughts on “Working

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    1. Oh I am!!!! I love the color ❤️❤️❤️ omg

      But at night is bright, the lights distract me lol … I want to look at them lol

      So is best to not have them on while driving at night

      Daytime and maybe dawn and dusk, be fine. Cause I do love those lights very much ❤️ they are really cool ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it is distracting. But I really like them. 🥰 I just like the electric colors – and it matches the blue in my car… am giving my car little personal flare lol ✌️❤️ having a little fun with it 😘

        Liked by 1 person

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