I have to be a weirdo 😮

So I have to accept something and go through it…

And covid is concern/issue here.

I am just to accept and not come in.

I am all geared up. ✌️ I am very uneasy … it will just be a hand off … I will have to go through myself and list everything and do docusign.

Docusign is best invention in the world – invest in that! Because thank you Docusign ❤️

Yes being careful and staying safe. These things are unavoidable. Life will hand me what is to be.

So alright I gotta go be a weirdo ✌️ 😳🙏🙏

Please don’t kill me or anyone I love, life!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

5 thoughts on “Interacting

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    1. It went fine… was just a hand off. It’s just weird to have to be so cautious of people and in this business – ya know? It’s really hard because you have the grieving family and then you have the covid things… so you are boxed in.

      I do not know that movie but I googled and saw the trailer 😳😄

      That’s a little on the scary side lol ✌️😘

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