I can not even imagine life without Friday. ❤️ that would suck!

Obviously I worked. I am doing well SO FAR!!!

Remember that woman I told you about? The one who we click and have same birthday?

Well I think she really wants to be my friend (lol not to sound like elementary school or anything ✌️)

She really wants to be my friend – but she is afraid to 😮

She will have to make that choice on her own.

She wants to let go and vent and speak freely – but she is afraid to speak freely or be backstabbed 😮😮

So I’m just gonna let her come to me as she wants to. She can trust me – but she needs to figure that out. Me saying it doesn’t mean anything.

So that was it on that.

Then I left for home… everyone was already there and waiting for me ❤️❤️❤️

So I have this problem… if I buy presents for anyone too early… I am not good with that. I am horrible… the minute whatever it is, is in my hands – I am hinting about something awesome for you lol … and then when I can’t take it anymore – I finally just say “here let me just give you your present early – just go with it” lol

Well… my oldest did that to me tonight lol ❤️

He said “hey ma, would you like an early Christmas present tonight?” 😮 (I’m not fricken saying no!!) lol

Umm sure lol ❤️

When I got my new blue car…

You know how your phone listens to you and then gives ads from what it heard 🤨 … well it gave me an ad for these really cool lights INSIDE the car!! Totally makes me remember “Pimp my ride”

So when I first got my car I talked about pimping it out “ME” style lol … anyway he got me the INSIDE lights – omg it looks so cool!! It looks really amazing at night – I have not see it when driving… but my car is lit!! Woo hoo – I just need some subwoofers lol 😄✌️… one can dream 😘✌️😄

It’s like all electric blue!!! 💙💙💙 i fricken am loving pimping out my car!!! Yay!! Yay for early presents … not that it is at all about presents because it is not. But I did get excited ❤️ – I am still excited ❤️ – and can not wait to drive home in the dark tmrw ❤️❤️❤️ wooo hooo!!!

Also… I can change whatever color I want… doesn’t have to be blue lights – could be purple – whatever I want

I can make it dance to my music – like a fricken night club in my car lol 💙💙💙💙 wooo hooo! So how much is a subwoofer? Lol 😄✌️ kidding but omg ..then it be kickin it lol

I would want to just drive everywhere lol

When I was in high school – fricken millennia ago lol… we used to cruise lol … omg it was so bad ass!!!

First of all… it was always the cars and the speakers …

You be on point when you went cruising … car sparkling, windows down – it would be summer so perfect temps – and it would be every single teenager from all 3 local high schools lol…

Sometimes we would have super soakers lol – we had fun!! Wow I forget 😮😮

Today on my car ride into work … it played this song …

That’s like a ghost huh??

But that song brings me right back into high school.

A boy I dated, liked that song.. and wanted to hear it all the time lol – so it is etched in my mind – I forgot all about that until I reheard the song today after many years. Lol ✌️❤️

Anyway… back to the evening … I got sidetracked

So we had another little thanksgiving with boys – and now everything is gone. Lol … that is very good though because I had no room for things!!

We played games … we had a ton of games to be playing… but none of us are agreeing what game to play lol

19 is the complainer lol … 13 gets all powered up 🤨😄 … 26 wants us to play these games he loves so bad but some won’t

We ended up playing Set

We all love set… even if they moan at first… then they start playing and we laughing ❤️ and they will always play that ❤️ it’s pretty cool – perception match 😘✌️

I got that when I was sick ❤️ they would play with me ❤️

So… we did that.

We chatted and stuff too – it was a fast night because I got home at 6pm they already here.

Anyway I have to get my ass to bed because omg I am working again tmrw and it is way late and I didn’t see that until just right now!

Alright good night 😘❤️✌️

Hopefully no barricades tmrw 🙏🙏🙏 our security is aware so it’s fine ✌️

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