Oh the issues lol

Speaking to the maintenance guy… I was mentioning the fence…

But then I also mentioned the barricade when I came in this morning…

I said “I dunno how they get in? Had to be the roof”

And he tell me, he does Maintenence on roof and last time he went up there – there was clothing and beer bottles, wine bottles – like someone living up there? 😮

He said they cleaned it all up and been fine.

But ok. Good to know.

When I asked “how do they get on the roof?”

He say “probably use the trash bins and climb up” 😮😮😮

Ok so I got situations 🤨

No worries 😉… I’ll handle it – confident -ish ✌️😘

Ok I have to do more stuff ✌️😘 still working


8 thoughts on “Oh the issues lol

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    1. The building is old, and MY funeral home… is one that has stood and served the community for years and years – since 1932!!

      So building very old. Roof is a flat roof. There are many access points to roof… MANY!

      And then also… my funeral home backs up against a car wash. I’m sure there are access points from their angle as well??

      Very old building

      And the homeless population around the funeral homes in general is bad!! We had to hire the security because of the homeless. ☹️ … the homeless were doing awful things and then started harassing us 😮

      So we hired security 🚓… the security has made it much better … but we are still handling issues here and there ✌️


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