Lights, Christmas, Vaccine

Omg I love my inside car lights ❤️❤️❤️ that is awesome!!!

At first I had it the solid blue… but I hit a button and it aligned with my music 😮😱❤️❤️ sweet!!! 😊❤️

Oh yeah … I forgot to tell you 2 things from yesterday… first… heard my first Christmas song on way to work…

Here comes the big lead up into Christmas season. Oh boy

Anyway… that brings me to the other thing I forgot…

So ya know… again – it’s 2020, so things are different right? For a minute – until they are better

Well I brought up the Christmas pizza idea lol 😄😄😄❤️

Everyone was ALL for it… except 19… 🤨 … who asked to have a McChristmas 🤨😄😄 uhhh no!!

As if!!

Omg that kid!!!

Also… these people think when they turn 18 – they just know life 🤨 … ok my love 😘 you go ahead and think that. We all have our own lessons.

But it was funny cause they so matter of fact about knowing everything – they have no clue

Ahh ya know… to be young ✌️😘

Everything was fine this morning 👏

Oh did I mention – I ordered the ipod7 for work… I don’t pay for it work does… but the funeral home needed it, because the other one died? (No pun intended 🤨😄)

So that is done. And I am organizing files and preparing lol ✌️😘

I have to Christmas shop 😳

These people I work with … we work in funerals … they are the most compassionate and thoughtful people! They are both very funny and very sweet!!

They notice details about you… and then get you very touching gifts 🎁

So …

… alright I will need to make a list

This morning, on the radio… I heard that someone suggested we pay people to take the vaccine … lol… ya know… money talks… realistically it does

I think some people would take that and that would be good idea.

So then yes do that… you want some money? Here come take the vaccine 💉

Times are hard. How you gonna turn that down? What you say?

How would you say no? Why would you? Virus protection and money…

Anyway… I have to go and manage lol ❤️❤️😘✌️

I am sooo sorry to be slacking!! I just got a promotion so settling in… I try to carve time when able – I will get there – just give me slack 😘✌️ I be back 💋

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    1. Hahaha thank you very much ❤️🥰❤️

      Lol… don’t be nervous- it’s an adventure. Make good choices for yourself and trust your intuition. Work hard

      You follow that – you will do well.

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