I am working my own location… all by myself.

I got to work this morning … I go in the back way … meaning there is a big rod iron gate with the spikes – I have the key to get in the gate… so I do that…

I go to come in the back door… and when I turned the corner to the back door – there was a barricade around the door 😮

😳😳 so I slowly (lol) checked it out and there was no one there … but there was tissues and a lighter left behind the barricade

This back area is surrounded by rod iron fencing with the spikes!! I don’t know how they could have gotten in there?


Why is my location riddled with issues? 🤨😄🤨

Anyway… I think they got in from the roof??

I took video as I came up on it and sent to boss – we sending to security so they can handle it 🤨 hopefully 🙏

Lovely … and good morning 😘✌️😄❤️

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    1. Yeah we will. It should be fine 😳🙏😘✌️❤️

      Since is my location… they say I can buy stuff for location – they already know what I want. I want security cameras so I need to look at those for this location – both of the others have the security systems and they are amazing ❤️ we have security system just no cameras we need the cameras

      So I have to do some shopping 🤨😄✌️

      And I have to mention the fence with the neighbors too 🤨

      Omg money money money lol dammit

      Is like opening the window and watching all the money fly away!! 🤨✌️😘

      But whatever – you spend now and be better later. Is needed – all of it so not much I can do.

      Ahhhh what day is it? Friday?? Omg lol … feels like Monday

      I have a meeting have to go 😘✌️

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    1. I am still working on that. But have security checking on it now.

      Told my girls to keep all doors locked while at work… they like to leave that back door open to have fresh air (that gated area is right off the break room)

      But I explained what I saw that morning and is just best is every door locked – we be alone sometimes so … that would not be good if left open

      So they are doing that.

      We trying to secure everything as much as possible while I see what solutions I have hmm 🧐


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