How it turned out …

And that – was perfection ❤️ sorta … for 2020 ✌️🤨

Everything went great. Work was good. Was done at noon. Turkey done at like 12:30pm so I let it cool carved it and I have containers ✌️ trash all gone everything cleaned up like nothing ever happened lol ✌️😄

So I was preparing to leave… brought all my stuff to the door and shut all the doors, and then went to load my car lol omg

So we are in a neighborhood 🤨

I was loading the oven into my trunk… and the neighbor directly there was out.

And he’s always nice – there are 2 – both men …

One is quiet and smiley lol … the other one reminds me of a New Yorker but he is not one lol

Anyway… I have seen them and spoken to them before. Lol they are nice – always say hi… watch out for the funeral home … nice guys.

So he says to me – I can’t believe they have you working today! Next time you let me know and I’ll bring you a Bloody Mary 🤨😝😝😝 (yuk) and no thank you – I only smiled – didn’t say anything.

He say to me… you got here early 🤨 lol … I don’t like when people make note of my times and behaviors – don’t make note of that!! That’s creepy!!

I just said “ya, little early”

And he was like “what time” 🤨

What? Lol why he gotta know that? Is he keeping records?

We talking and I mention “I am the office manager now ❤️ woo hoo” lol ✌️😘

And then the next 20 minutes I got to hear about a fence that needs replacing and other things from the funeral home lol … ok well I am just beginning … let’s not have everyone jump on me all at once!! Let me get through the door first ya know???

So that was a lesson lol ✌️

Whatever… then I close up – set alarm… and head home

Got home made all the other dishes which I had ready to go, had a really nice thanksgiving with daughter ❤️ went smooth and easy and peaceful ❤️ was quiet. Have a lot of leftovers to do all over again tmrw (minus the cooking ❤️) – not that I don’t love cooking… totally do! But I am tired lately and working a lot. That is ALOT of planning and work!! And work a job all the time. Whew pulled that off though ❤️

Now I immediately have to start thinking of Christmas 🤨

Ughhhh … lol …

Christmas will be pizza 🍕 lol ❤️

Ya know – change it up 😘❤️ hahaha I wonder if they would go for it ??? lol

I smile to really want that lol ❤️

I could make it holiday fancy 😘✌️ I am skilled lol

❤️ see Christmas Pizza 2020 sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? lol ✌️😄

See makin all kinds of memories for 2020

I am the oncall tonight 😮😝😝 ugh … Thursday’s are my oncall nights now with this new position 🤨😝✌️

I work tmrw and the weekend too lol omg lol … I have Monday and Tuesday off I THINK?? I do not remember

I need to wash my car 🤨 but is winter – I wash it, and it will rain 🤨

I’m all full and little sleepy… I have to go to work tmrw – think am going to my location – pretty sure? I will check in the morning

Remember when I used to always complain about communication and how there was a lack of communication??

Well now I have a plethora lol 🤨😄 which is good too – I don’t mind and I like it – I love communication.

These people are always texting me lol …

Omg – but I do adore them ❤️

Well anyway … I am going to change, go lay in bed and read for little bit 😘❤️ i be back

But good night 😘❤️✌️

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