20 crazily weird songs from past 20 years

20 crazily WeIrD songs from past 20 years … this will have to be a 2 part’er … because you want 20 songs lol … so you gotta cut me slack 😘✌️❤️

This is season 2 … brought to you by:

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As always – I love these ❤️

Here is my first set… you will get your next sent at some point this week ✌️😘

20.) Gummy Bear


19.) I am so sorry … but fricken this one:


18.) I’m just gonna put them here – you can see what they are lol ✌️


17.) www.youtube.com/watch

16.) 🤨 www.youtube.com/watch

15.) www.youtube.com/watch

14.) 🤨😄😄 this one makes me laugh though


13.) www.youtube.com/watch

12.) 😝😝😝 www.youtube.com/watch

(I didn’t even want to remember that one!)

11.) ❤️❤️❤️ I do kinda love this one


To be continued …

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

12 thoughts on “20 crazily weird songs from past 20 years

Add yours

    1. Lol… you didn’t like any of the others? 😄 I am curious which one you knew? Is it the Numa numa guy? Lol

      Hopefully I don’t have them stuck in your head all day lol

      I still have 10 more to do lol – beware lol

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      1. That’s hilarious!! You knew LMFAO? 😄 I would never have thought they made it overseas lol

        I was thinking either Gummy Bears (cause that’s originally German)

        Or the Numa Numa which I think is Romanian? Not sure

        And the Fox one is from Netherlands or something? Lol

        I had to pick crazy weird songs from past 20 years lol … haha well the next ones be crazy weird but loveable lol ❤️😄✌️

        I am off to work… have a great day or night ✌️😘

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  1. I gotta see all the songs you have posted, sometimes we need to be crazy to be normal. Nice to see such a post. Atleast someone is the blogger community is riding on funny waves to remind us, ‘It’s okay, smile’.

    This song I think can be included: Axel F by Crazy Frog 🙂
    Then Another could be : Who Let the Dogs Out
    Could be : Tarken

    Don’t Forget to Visit my Blog Too

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    1. Well yes we should be smiling ❤️ thank you very much – I hope you smile all the time!

      I still have 10 more to do… I have not had time to do the next 10 lol – but I will

      Hahaha I was going to add that Axel F by crazy frog – that is a good one!!

      Hahaha who let the dogs out – that one is funny 😄

      Have a great night ✌️

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  2. Hey Trisha, nice list – sadly l never saw it until today as l am crafting the actual round up post. Youincluded a pingback to the blog but not the post with The List Tinkerers request in itself so l never get them unless l am specifically looking.

    I will take a few picks from your ‘list’ as this is a post in itself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I slacked on the rest… I have a second section I will do shortly … I have just been so busy with many things.

      Oooohhh so I have to ping you directly from the post it is related to??? I did not know this 😮 I thought a ping was a ping and actually to be honest – I wasn’t even sure I was doing that right?? Lol

      Ok and can you ping me when you do new ones ?? Cause I don’t want to miss them – and my life goes little crazy here and there. Hard for me to stay straight and remember everything – I have been really crazy lately with work virus holidays kids and life

      But those are my favorite and I don’t want to miss them. I want to always try for those ❤️

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