So I want to say many things. But I just feel kinda quiet. No reason. Not sad. Have many thoughts about stuff – so am in thought on a few things. Plus, I am very exhausted

Tonight I just want to leave you with this imagery lol…

Before 2020… my life/world blew up, 2020 finished it off… and that’s how I imagine I would look walking OUT of 2020 ✌️ symbolic of my life ❤️✌️

And then I walk out the other side all bad ass! … like a boss 😘✌️


Today was a good day. I am both excited and nervous for my new job. I will grow into it. ✌️

I have to be at mansion in morning to open then go to mine – I’m just gonna be tired

I have to sleep.

{{{ so tired }}}

Good night 😴😘❤️


9 thoughts on “Tired

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    1. Lol… totally!!! I have music for everything ❤️ … I was just too tired last night to think of what perfectly fit my explosion lol … but yes it totally should have music 🎶

      I don’t hear the perfect music for it yet… but could be too early, I am still tired lol ✌️

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  1. I’m supposed to be redoing my homework. Instead, I fell into a deep 3-hr “nap”, woke at 9p, have been groggy since and hoping to fall back asleep soon.

    I hot online to see if the orange cat is around. Nope, lots of opossum. I’m not throwing out more food unless they leave.

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    1. When you feel like taking naps, can force self into a wide awake activity or get up and move around? Would that help prevent a nap for you ? I know the homework can make very tired lol

      Do you not like the opossums? Lol

      I saw one walking on side of road the other day lol


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