Not bad

I am not home yet. I am waiting on groceries now. I made the time later cause I was nervous with traffic which was totally fine 🤨😄✌️ ah well – so I am waiting

Today was NOT a bad Monday!! Pretty decent actually.

I am a little uneasy at night in the dark at the mansion.

I am working the mansion again tmrw. All day I believe.

So I will have to go to bed really early. It’s very far from me. It’s the furthest.

It’s literally right by all the major tourist attractions 🤨 meh and then ya know – traffic

I do not like it.

It’s beautiful … just far. Morning rush hour traffic is the worst – night time one is too … but morning is the worst … most are not morning people lol ✌️

Ok so beautiful again tmrw. I do like the haunted mansion and then I like the guy there … he is awesome also… very funny.

He is new – so he is learning us lol … he is very umm … he wears a bow tie lol … so he is all business lol …but he is a communicator and good person.

He is already part of us and we working like a machine

I texted him about something cause he had left… he said sorry I was baking I didn’t hear phone.

😄😄… oh?? So I said… you bringing cookies tmrw? Lol

Cause ya know if man is baking then yes – cookies please 🍪 I’m gonna throw that out lol

I tease 😘✌️

So he said what requesting?

I said well you can never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies lol

He laughed and sent me a photo of what he baking 🤨

Wasn’t anything sweet lol … it had jalapeños on it lol

I probably won’t get chocolate chip cookies lol 🍪 I was only teasing – it did make me think of chocolate chip cookies, so now I would like them lol … I could do it myself but I am too tired tonight … that will be a no.

Was a good day today though!

I’m getting a little nervous cause I will have a lot of clearance tmrw – for financials on all 3 all reports etc

Ok and new office manager starting at Haunted Mansion – she will train ❤️ have not met her yet. No idea what to expect. Know nothing about her

I know she knows what she’s doing so should be good. I hear she’s excited. We are coming together sorta ish – working on it lol ❤️

A song for the brightness and relaxation of summer which is not too far off … getting closer lol ✌️ let’s just pretend 😘 go with it 💋

I might not be back – I will have to see what time I get in – I might have to go right to bed 😮 it is almost 7pm!! Please be ready 🙏🙏 it should be ready by then. I would rather wait to be able to pick up so not a problem – I will just be very late. ☹️… and it is dark.

Ok well – just incase –

Gnite 😘❤️✌️

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    1. It was a very very long day!!

      Hahaha no I did not buy cookies 🍪… I order my groceries online and drive up and they put in my trunk – but has to be ordered beforehand

      Typically I do not buy cookies, cause I will just make them myself… but totally wishing I had ordered some lol 😘✌️

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      1. Yes but I am in the United States – and we SUCK with handling this virus!! I think we are like the worst in the world? Lol ✌️

        So I do not like to actually go in the stores ✌️ I try to avoid as much as I can.

        For now anyway… I do miss picking out my own things, but is convenient, easy, quick and I don’t get sick 😷

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      2. I do not think anywhere is handling this virus well but I guess it’s something that we have no experience of and we are all learning as we go along. So, yes, we make the little changes ourselves and hopefully stay safe.

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      3. Yeah, I miss doing normal things the normal way lol

        We really suck at it over here – no one can stay distanced – we have such an issue keeping everyone away from everyone else!!

        I am lucky somewhat, to be able to keep distance, so I just do that as much as able… I don’t want to take chances either with me or anyone else.

        Little longer 🙏 almost there hopefully

        Stay safe and well 😘🙏❤️

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  1. Do you keep a flashlight with you?

    I assume they think someone was breaking in to the building at night. With kitchens and plenty of room to sleep/hide, that would make sense.

    Changed locks should keep you safe. And if it was a person but they haven’t done any damage, that’s a good sign.

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    1. Yes… and there have been some things going on at this location … 2 people recently let go or fired from position here – both know alarm code and both have keys…

      I would suspect one of them yes. Is possible that particular one knows this place like back of hand with all security info also.

      There are complete living quarters here … kitchen, living room, bathrooms, etc. you could live here if needed.

      And then on top of that, right after those happened anonymous reviews (2 I think?) we bad and wouldn’t let us respond – couldn’t reply and email to reach to rectify anything bad – did not work… so something is going on.

      It’s just weird.

      The locks were changed today and security updated.

      Nothing seems stolen to me – and if someone was going to steal anything it be the computers 🖥

      Nothing missing… so I think they just think someone possibly sneaking in to who knows what?? Shower? Cook eat? Sleep? Who knows??

      This area is also really crazy nuts with homeless so you just don’t know?

      But should be fixed now. 🙏

      I just have to leave in the dark 😝


    1. I can’t give you an outside photo – but somewhere in my July 2020 posts? Is the mansion?? I don’t know how to find it for repost lol ✌️

      Lol carry torch 😄😄


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