Okay Monday

Here comes Monday omg alright…. Monday is coming 😳 it’s gonna be ok!!

But I will not be at my location lol… I will be at my original to start the morning ❤️ … and then… haunted mansion 😮 that’s gonna be spooky in the dark 😳😮 all by myself and long drive home! In the dark

When I think of the haunted mansion one… my mind instantly shifts to the traffic and how bad that is to get home at rush hour from that place – dammit … so whatever – I just cringe for a minute lol ✌️

My mind searches frantically for ideas how to take back roads around the highway so I can miss that – Monday rush hour from haunted mansion oh yeah that is cringe worthy!!! It’s in the dark!!

It’s the most beautiful home of the 3… but it’s location is bad … it like heart of Capitol City and oh so much traffic and then it’s dark so makes it worse!! I don’t like driving in the dark, with those roads and that traffic!! 😝😝

It should be good day. So doing that ✌️

I just watched this …


Ohhh that does not look fun!!! Those look worse than mine

So I am thankful to not be THAT bad… I don’t know if I would ever want to handle that… I handle mine and don’t like it lol


Ok Monday


Ok well that was a really fast weekend… too fast

Feels like I blinked and it was over

Alright so I won’t have another Day off until next Monday lol Monday and Tuesday be my day off that week… but until then, have 9 hour days with 2 hours of traffic every day … so I get tired lol

Alright well it is coming up on bedtime lol … I feel like I am preparing to board a rollercoaster …

At the start, you are just waiting until the coaster car comes … that is me getting ready for bed…

And then you get into the coaster car and strap yourself in… that is me in bed lol…

And while I sleep the coaster begins with its momentum ?

So I will wake up and it will climb to the tippy top and then go insane, yeah kinda feels a little bit like that

My mind is just way off in the distance, lost in many thoughts ?? I dunno? with a few things

Ok well I have to get my butt to bed. It’s a cycle lol

Good night 🌙😴


10 thoughts on “Okay Monday

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  1. I hope it’s an easy Monday. It sucks that covid limits your options. When I couldn’t face traffic, I used to go to shows or dinner or bars… anything (except malls… I despise malls) to kill time till traffic hot lighter!!

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    1. Sometimes I stay late or drag my feet going home, or try to get out early… but some of this weeks groceries out of stock so ordered from another store and pick up time is after work 🤨

      So I gotta just do it 🤨😝

      Eh it’s a Monday ✌️🙏


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