Ok so I am at my original start home ❤️ is like grandmas house … you walk on and is just like home ahhh

I miss my little place ❤️ my first lol … is my favorite.

We just hired a new arranger … I like him … he is a young kid, he has a cute little lisp – is adorable

Anyway… he is somewhere around the ages of my boys lol

He speaks Spanish – I am excited to have him because he can speak Spanish

And this kid… he is driven… whoa … he wants it – I am impressed!!

He takes notes, he does really well and wants it …so he has drive…

On the sides of his notes – he doodles 😄😄 there are the most adorable little cartoony things all around his notes ❤️ I fricken love that – why all you people gotta hide those talents just as doodles?? Show that shit! Omg

It’s really good! So that made me smile – cause it was like one of my sons could have done that 😄

And then I turned around and there was a Simpsons treasure chest piggy bank 😄😄❤️ fricken bomb ❤️❤️❤️ that is hilarious ❤️

I have to go. 😘✌️

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  1. I really like funny chunky thinks and all the unique cartoon characters in doodles. Also love to collect badges of cartoons. I also have a badge with a note and all my favorite cartoon sketches on it given by my older brother when I was 4 and he was 6. Oh my god old things wrapped by golden memories feels like a treasure. I’m glad that you make a time to visit your grandma’s home. Hope your day went well.

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  2. I didn’t visit my grandmothers – she died already and that is back East

    But I went to the first funeral home I ever worked at… and that kinda just feels like a old home that I miss?

    So it feels like being at grandmas – is calm and peaceful and comforting/familiar, soft, gentle

    Yes my kids also draw and doodle lol ❤️❤️❤️ they are golden treasures!! I love those too ❤️

    Yes day went well thank you 🥰❤️ and as I wake up to start my day… I hope you had a good day & night… enjoy your slumber 😄❤️✌️


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