My daughter changed her alarm 😄😄 cause her old one she just sleeps through now.

I told her to do the nuclear alarm lol … that one always wakes me 😄

But she immediately said NO WAY! Your nuclear ☢️ alarm ruins my life 😄😄

Omg she makes me laugh – it’s just loud and wakes you … she does not like the nuclear alarm lol

So she picked another one that does not phase her to much either lol

I’m tellin you… mine will wake her 😄✌️

When I was a teenager my mom had to wake me too… and I was awful at getting up lol …

So she bought me one of those old fashioned ⏰ alarm clock with the bells on top … I used that once and said absolutely not unless you would like me having heart attacks every morning …and then I was mad for being terrified awake – that is an awful way to wake up!!

So… mine does not like the nuclear alarm that I use lol 😄😄 … I have the nuclear alarm and interchange that with and old fashioned telephone ring ☎️ … both wake me up lol

She picked some – chill easy buzz alarm… that won’t wake anyone lol

It’s just a funny little generational thing with alarms lol

Ok well ~sigh~ have to go do things lol ✌️😘😄 – I am just severely lacking motivation.

Not very in the mood… but should just do stuff … fine I’ll just go do stuff

I have to go get a food pick up later. Get gas…

Ya know… where is that full serve on the gas stations??? Cause I don’t want to be touching that handle… come give me full service lol – c’mon!!! Covid!! Just do that

How are they not doing that?? They did it once – they should do it now!! I wish for that – I hate getting gas – I do not like pumping – eww

Today I am slacker and yesterday and when I have a day off… lol … 😄😄

I am limited with what able to do. So is just … the things I am able to do – “kinda suck” and I don’t want to do them lol

But ok 🤨 fine … I do have to be an adult … suck it up. Get it finished and be done.

Ugh I just don’t want to. But have to 🤨 totally not motivated – slacker mentality today 😮 I am enjoying day with daughter so just slacking a little bit

Ok I really should get to those adult things I must handle 🤨

Oh boy will be a busy week. Still!!! With covid and nothing going on – still busy week lol

Ok well whatever. I handle everything today – and week will glide 🙏❤️

Ok I have to go do stuff 🤨😝✌️


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  1. I moved my alarm clock across the room, so I HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off. But I quickly learned to get up, hit the snooze, and go back to bed without fully waking up. Snooze is 9 min and I would do that for a full hour, till it finally made the noise that indicated it was shutting itself off. Other times, my brain would work the alarm into a dream and I wouldn’t wake up at all.

    The funniest time was when I flew out of bed to turn off the alarm, not realizing my feet were entangled in the blankets. I was reaching for the alarm when I finally fell to the floor… my arm and hand outstretched and my fingers juuuuust missing the alarm clock. I didn’t have time, or comprehension, to brace for falling and am extremely lucky not to have been hurt!

    Is your nuclear clock loud, an explosion, warning sirens… ???

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    1. I set many alarms for like every 5 minutes for a whole hour – I usually don’t need them all… but you know – safeguards lol ✌️😄

      My nuclear alarm is the warning sirens lol ☢️ is loud and jolting lol


      1. Neighborkid is a great alarm clock. Yesterday she was losing her mind over a wasp near her room and her parents being tuned out to her screaming. I nearly went over to shut her up!

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      2. Hahaha there is a free alarm for you 😄😄😮

        That one works pretty well too … it will always wake you and will take some thinking to shut it off lol


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