Last night

Last night went long!! I have the weekend off … so it didn’t matter. I wasn’t gonna tell anyone to leave – I love having them there ❤️

Anyway… I had to stay late at work first of all… because boss wanted to speak to me about this position.

So the girls at the location I will be handling are hmm??? Well I like them (I get along great with everyone) but I see the areas of personality to be careful of?

And also remember I am observant… so not only do I watch… but I also listen … I blend in, and I be quiet and do my job… but ya know I am still there – I can still hear things lol

So I have been listening how hard they come down on some workers … like really bad – one in particular… and I like that girl… so I back her up… she does not deserve them coming down so hard

And ya know they can worry about themselves and it be fine. 🤨 she’s not even at our location! So ya know? Stop being so hard on her!

Also… once they found out I was new office manager 🤨… hmm they got really really happy…

Most of the time, if I go somewhere (one of the funeral homes) whichever one I am at – you will always know… because I make it smell nice and I organize…

I have always done that. So workers always happy when I come because I make it all nice ❤️ way easier to work in… I like structure.

But their smile learning I was now the office manager … was like they are gonna chew me up and spit me out.

So I said that… do not chew me up and spit me out! They laughed and say oh no they won’t …

However their minds are just turning with everything they gonna want me to do cause they keep mentioning things.

So they have another thing coming if they think they gonna railroad me, cause no. ✌️

And then when my boss was speaking of it… she said be careful… and had told me in one of their meetings it was said “I wonder if Trisha will go to the Dark Side?” 😮😮😮

No!!! I will not be on the dark side!! I do not take sides.

I will have your back if it is needed.

I am aware of how they are.

I was told they have gone through 4 office managers in 3 years. I am the 5th.

So… I do not do drama. And if I have an issue – I am going to come right to you and lay it out. And my priorities are my job – not theirs … they can do their own work if they want this office up and running correctly.

So I hope they don’t mistake my smile for being too nice to lay it down… you will meet me then – cause I’m gonna lay it down.

We can either have incredible and awesome working environment –

Or I can wrestle the sharks 🤨 can this just be easy?!! 🙏 lol

But whatever … I am excited anyway still … because I now have the higher title, I am in charge of entire location ❤️, I will learn new skills … and then I have time building here at this job… so on resume will look amazing – I can take it higher ❤️

So there are many bonuses … but now, currently, I will have to see how the employees will be.

My boss had told me… the prior office manager had started off all great… but these 2 employees ruin each one. And that one got caught up in their games.

I am pretty straight and narrow with stuff … I am nice, and sweet… but I will also tell you where you can put it lol ✌️😘 … I will always try to work things out, but I will say when I have a problem.

And I will help out and have your back… but I want to see teamwork so whatever – we see what happens ✌️😘

So I didn’t get home til later … and then boys came over and complained how come I so late and make them wait 🤨😄 (they teasing me) but they didn’t like it being so late …

So I explained I might have to make every Friday a late Friday because they are making me Monday through Friday?

Then I re-asked if interested in working at a funeral home 😄😄… let mom be your boss 😄✌️

So that idea did not sail very well 😄😄. But his reasoning is because it is far and pay not worth it – which is true

So ok fine.

We ate… they have no stories really because they don’t see anyone… so we talk a lot of current event things with video games/consoles etc… and then they mention Trump 🤨🙄 ugh can we not talk about that… he is out I don’t really care what he says or does now… January 21 get him out … and fix everything

So anyway – I do not care … just let him do his baby tantrum damage that he is gonna do… he’s an asshole – why would you expect him to be an adult with this whole process? He does not have class and when has he ever shown humility? So whatever – off my radar

I really do not want to hear about him anymore … I’m really tired of him. Just get out! Lol ✌️ be gone ✨

Then we went to play a game… but first had to discuss how no one ever wants to play things 🤨😄

I was like “umm excuse me, but I play everything and I enjoy it all!” 😄❤️

And oldest says… well yes you do, but anytime I ask one of them to play something, they don’t or won’t.

None of them like the same game types – we all have very different game types lol

Some like Uno 🤨😄😄… Uno is fun and cool, but I have been playing Uno since I was a child. Not exactly my “goto” game lol

The oldest loves Tanto Cuore – the other 2 can’t stand it 😄😄 its just funny … we will play cause we all have turns with what we want to play (after convincing discussions and maybe some pleading lol) 😄✌️

But we will play that… and he will explain to us, and game play is long – is a little boring lol (shh 🤫) whatever we play ❤️

But the other 2 have enough of it by the time we finish… and then don’t want to play again for months lol

Then the same thing happens 😄😄 it’s like Groundhog Day – little bit

Every single time – he pulls the game out. The other 2 groan and complain lol … he lays everything out and then takes awhile explaining to us… lol

Then we play… we have to wait on people’s turns … by the time it ends we so happy is over and don’t want to do again…

Months go by … oldest will suggest from time to time. At first slowly lol … then he will mention more and more 😄😄

Until we get “you guys never want to play the games I like” 😄😄

So we play and just reread that section cause that’s how goes 😄✌️… every time

Ahhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️ my people

We played Splendor again last night – is cool … not sure that I love or anything but is a decent game.

And while I was with the kids… my text messages buzzed ??

It was my guy friend from work… so I just texted “hey with kids, they leave late but I can text after if you still awake”

He text back and said he might fall asleep on couch but ok

So I texted back – ok old man lol … I message you later 😄✌️

Also while the kids were there … my landlord calls and says… hey are you ok? 😳🤔😄

Ummm yeah why?

And she said one of the new neighbors called and said a lot of activity over at my house lol

I said “it Friday lol… you know I have my kids all here every Friday night?” Lol

My landlord laughed … because I had been working so much… and so you know my house very quiet lol … they we laughing and talking and playing lol … sometimes debating

But any other day – is very quiet. I don’t know these new neighbor people – I like that they watch out… but then I also have a small twinge of I don’t ever cause any issues – I just have my game little Friday nights so mind your business … ✌️ it’s not like we over here having a rave 😮😄😄 omg we are not even bothersome and we far away from people!! So ??

Whatever just a tiny twinge of that.

But my landlord immediately said oh yeah that’s right I forgot was Friday… you need to have people over more or go out more – you need to meet someone – she said you are too quiet otherwise so when there is activity, people be like “someone lives there?” Lol

Oh yes it’s the weird funeral girl lol … I’m kidding but pretty much ✌️😘

I’m just quiet and I work a lot. I am still kinda careful with people. So ya know. Whatever

Anyway… back to the kids… and they show me these videos that have I dunno like this anime head giving commentary on something, which they find hilarious lol …so whatever lol

I like to suggest documentaries … but they do not like those lol… they say it makes them feel like they are in school 🙄😄 what???

But they show me this captivating video about a Japanese Video game for the Nintendo DSi … but it was for… McDONALD’S!!! 😮

Captivating right??? 😮 I had no idea! Yeah that captured me… very cool story and they gave me a little sorta documentary lol … see not always like school 😄❤️

So it was a fun night. The boys left …

Daughter worked on her essay for English. And I quickly check in with work friend…

It was like ?? 9:30?/10? … it was late. So I just texted “hey sorry, you probably sleepin so just texting back”

To which a reply comes and says “oh nope still up – hold on I will call you in 5” 😳😄😄 um ok 😮😳

So in like 3 minutes my phone rang … he is just too funny.

It’s just weird… I completely click with him… like um… hmm how do I explain that?

The funny thing is … I kinda think he figures out where we click and then focuses on those things …

Like he will know my opinion or view on something or see where my humor lays… and then he aims for that!! He is very sweet!! That is really sweet! That makes me smile ❤️

So again – he is gay… but he is very sweet, and kind of amazing

I also do not want to feel like anyone just tells me what they “think” I want to hear . Just say and just be.

He keeps calling me “hot trish” because of his dad!! He just loves that story 🤨 every single time he calls me that and reminds me of that … and I tell him “stop! I’m going to tell your dad! Seriously” lol

But he says that’s how his dad refers to me lol… when they talk and my friend mentions my name – the dad says “who? Hot trish?” Omg 😳

I am not fond of that name. I would like to put in for a name change request lol ✌️

There was also a joke that – um just a joke I can’t repeat cause I dunno it’s creepy – he found that really funny also because we all laughed …and we are all warped for even laughing at that!

Was some stupid anatomy science type joke – dumb – but kinda funny… it wasn’t funny at all …it was morbid.. but the way the question went out? And sometimes I will have instant reaction and say ? So he asked a question … the answer I gave was extremely blunt and matter of fact . But it was so obvious so how do you not know that answer? I can not tell you what is about.. is just something medical. Like I said – very dumb but funny because very obvious answer … and then was funny because what the hell is up with my sense of humor ?

Well anyway. He is a chatter 😮😄… ok … so I also have chatty moments lol they just not usually at night. But he is very chatty lol … I am more quiet lol

Ya know something else he does right? He does actually listen and kinda care about what I say ❤️ I like that. I appreciate that

So here … let me list out some things …

1.) he catches my eye by knowing what I like and what I find funny… he kinda gets a sense of my energy level – he enjoys my giggle lol… we are like teenagers … yes like that – is funny like teenagers – he takes me back in time – so he makes me smile all the time. I just light up to see him ❤️

2.) ok well always make a woman feel beautiful… you DO NOT have to tell me constantly … but once in awhile be good – just not all the time (we will have to work on that one) I don’t like my nickname lol

3.) if you understand my humor, and you laugh and connect … omg … I like that alot… he enjoys and appreciates who I am am… he enjoys to see me laugh and then when I laugh … he tries to make me laugh more lol

He is protective of me – that’s a big one

So do you see how this goes?

This man is lucky to be gay… if he was straight – I would want him! Omg

He is kind and sweet and hilarious … maybe I am lucky he is gay?? Cause yeah I would get swept off my feet whoa

But anyway… he is a chatter… lol… so we chat

I love that he listens to my words when I speak ❤️ he thinks about what I say.

How does he know how to be so amazing?? How is that? And is so simple… those are simple things!

But then also… my guard is down with him because he is gay… I can relax? So I kinda let him come close a little tiny bit? He just makes me laugh and I want more of that, and he’s supportive and like a cheerleader – he’s not going to be trying anything

Ok well moving on..

I didn’t get off the phone with him for awhile cause he kept making me laugh and I am not saying no to that lol

And then I had come here to write but I laid down in bed to do it … so my want for writing was overcome by that melting into bed sensation ? lol

So here I am now. Weekend off ❤️ I should do stuff but I just want a day… what is there to do anyway?

We going to do Thanksgiving on Friday night. I have to work for a few hours on Thanksgiving – but I get holiday pay ❤️ I have already laid out the timing and prep to pull it off .. will just be kids and me as usual.

So that works – nice quiet Thanksgiving ❤️ my daughter and I have our own when I get home… and then it be ready to reheat for Friday lol … just thankful have each other ❤️

And then… ok sorry… but tmi… I have to… so… I have 3 of the same exact bra and I interchange constantly . I like it better with a bra because my right side hurts – it just how is.

But yesterday … I noticed a hmm dry skin areas under breast? On breasts but under

So I don’t want to wear a bra … I have been lotioning – to make it softer … and I don’t want that dry skin… it kinda hurts cause it falls right on the line of where I can and can not have any feeling – it’s just that right side is just a jerk all the time … whatever … I wish to not think of boobs 🤨 I never did before until all this boob stuff came at me 🤨 … and then since then… it’s boobs always boobs – kinda bothers me little bit … but is fine. Whatever

Just how it is. But the dry skin rash kinda hurts a lot … it is probably from heat and dry air.

At home I am fine without bra… but in public I am not comfortable – I do not want to wear a bra today, so I will not go out – funny way logic is sometimes now.

I hurt so I don’t want the bra… but then I hurt and I do want the bra ?? Do you understand ?? But I can’t bear to put a bra on! And then the nerve damage is better if I wear a bra – otherwise it hurts

So I think I just need to have it relax and keep lotioned? Tmrw I will have to do stuff – today I can do braless – I hurt though ☹️

Ok well… I be back little later


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  1. haha … hot Trish? You sound like you’ve had a hell of a week! Folks will take time to adjust to a new manager and that’s normal. What’s not normal is yer landlord checking up on a few extra vehicles!! That’s kinda spooky! Be well and stay safe and happy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No I just work and have my kids that’s it lol … his dad only met me once. He’s just being funny – he just brings it up all the time

      Oh yes I know work will take time for us all to adjust – absolutely – we will all be learning.

      Well my landlord isn’t even here – she is out of state currently. Was one of the new neighbors I guess? I don’t know them at all. They called her. They have been here for more than a month and who made them police – why they watching my moves ya know?

      Friday nights are exactly same every Friday – I didn’t really like that either

      You are right it is kinda spooky.

      Be safe well and happy also 🥰❤️ thank you 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha yes this is true. I do like the safety ❤️ but now they know ✌️ lol … is not like Fridays are a new thing? We just be in the house that’s it. 🤷‍♀️ lol … why they gonna call and say “there is activity at that house” lol … I do live here lol

        It’s just funny, but whatever lol

        I am enjoying the day thank you, to you as well 😘✌️

        I would say nice crisp fall/winter day. Very beautiful. Have not gone out lol

        Am very comfortable, clean smell good, curled up with comfy blanket and a coffee ❤️ making plans for my week.

        Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, it’s comforting but kinda odd. As you say, you’re living there, so of course there is activity haha.
        A good way to spend a lazy weekend – enjoy 🙂
        No, Thanksgiving is very much an American thing. That said, Halloween (in its modern form) and Proms were distinctly American but are starting to make an impact here! Probably the power of the silver screen!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanksgiving is cool – it’s just about family friends and food… being thankful for things ❤️ ..appreciating what you have? (That is a good holiday to keep also – and it fills your belly with a feast… and lots of pumpkin 🥧 pies) I like Thanksgiving… wake really early to begin cooking lol … watch the parades all morning while cooking – and we American so then there is also our Football 🏈 – normally … then you feast… some take walks after eating lol … but then everyone either passes out and naps or would normally go shopping and stay out all night long shopping for Christmas! Thursday – thanksgiving and then Black Friday lol … big weekend for us normally – let see how we do this year we kinda suck with virus stuff so let’s hope for the best – I am staying in… I always stay safe … but normally that is Thanksgiving – is a boring but nice holiday lol … just nice to take a breath before Christmas lol … in my family – the Friday after Thanksgiving all the Christmas decorations went up too ❤️😄… and the minute Thanksgiving is here … that is when we will have all Christmas songs everywhere until Christmas lol

        Halloween is awesome!! You would like that maybe… For one night – you can be anything you want and get treats and candy 😄❤️ now tell me that doesn’t sound amazing ?? And some of the costumes are just incredible – you get to play on Halloween … and trick or treating for kids is really fun… but it has started to dwindle with the house to house thing now. People uneasy sending kids to get candy from strangers, and it does sound really bad lol – it is different than when I was a child. But dressing up and having a party or hanging with friends – that’s pretty fun! It is fun to dress up ❤️ and carving pumpkins … it is a fun holiday!

        Proms lol… you never had proms before?? 😮 what???

        Proms were fun! Music, dancing, friends, young love – And kings and queens … yeah very fun… you get to get all dressed up and have a special night, sometimes have a limo lol

        You have to have your celebrations and fun things in life ❤️ that is what makes your memories and your smiles ❤️❤️❤️

        Those are really fun ones!! You should adopt those – you will like those ❤️🎃 👗 🎶

        Isn’t it funny that with modern culture, all civilizations seep into one another … it just happens because now we see more, have more connection and travel.

        Interesting subject though 😘✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I am detecting a strong thread of pumpkins hehe
        Celebrating the harvest used to be a big thing when I was a kid but not so nowadays. Halloween we followed but it was very small scale and more like a children’s party. Proms no – end of school dances and celebrations in the bars that did not ask too many age-related questions, yes 🙂
        I agree with you – the world could always do with a little more fun and laughter in it!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. When I was young, Halloween was mostly for kids… now just nobody wants to be grown up lol … I’m kidding but everyone wants that one magical fun night – let loose – escape reality for one night 😘

        Creative costumes and chocolate and candies lol … be whoever you want – yes is very fun … mystery ❤️ oh it’s totally awesome!!! People go all out crazy with costumes is awesome ❤️ and then chocolate and candy on top of that?

        Hahaha you are funny … bars that didn’t ask age related questions lol 😄 that does not happen anymore lol … but I do remember that myself lol … that was a very long time ago 😮 … you say that and memories flooded ❤️ I remember and that made me smile… wow was that a long time ago! 😮

        I like it with fun and laughter… it balances life, makes really amazing memories 😘❤️✌️

        Life goes fast, smile and have fun when you can 😘✌️it’s an adventure actually lol

        Liked by 1 person

      6. You are so right!!
        Ha, yes, my kids, when they were of age, always returned with tales of ID needing to be shown! Just didn’t really happen in my day 🙂
        Agreed, life is so short – live, laugh and love! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Your friendship reminds me of my last close gay friend. We were EXACTLY like Seinfeld and Elaine. The episode where they end up at a diner (bubble boy?), and she exposes his lie about not having headshots to sign, and she doesn’t want food, so he orders her a full meal, then she eats it… 1,000% us!

    Liked by 1 person

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