Friday went late

Ok so … work… well the job is going to be awesome! I am literally in charge of the entire operation of that particular FH.

Ok … that part doesn’t scAre me… I think I could do a pretty awesome job with that.

And since everyone was informed … I am paying attention to differences in things.

I am a little nervous cause … while I like the people and the location… I do not trust them… I already know that. I don’t take sides or anything like that.

But I was informed that my location 🤨… has gone through 4 office managers 😮 because they exhaust the office manager and then ya know like how children are – they are gonna test and see how far can go. So alright

I like these girls … but I don’t trust them

So I just have to be aware and ya know… observant

I am going to have to finish tmrw – I am falling asleep while writing 😮

I just can’t – I have to sleep

(( I have weekend off )) ❤️❤️

Gnite 😘❤️

5 thoughts on “Friday went late

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    1. I am ❤️ it’s very nice. I like the peace. Feels little weird cause oohhh I’m not working 😮 but I love it

      Is very relaxing. Very nice day ☀️ very crisp out

      Enjoy your weekend also, hope your sun ☀️ is out too! 😘✌️

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