For later

Just reminders …

“The job” 🤨🙄😄✌️ just things … I do know what I am walking into sorta … I gonna try to keep control 😮😳 I will tell you all about that later lol

And then let’s see … “the dark side” 😄😄 that one is funny

I think I can do this?? I do see… I think I can. I have skills 😘✌️let me see if I can work them? I will be swimming with sharks – so let me see how I do. 🙏

Ok so I will tell you all about that later too.

I ask my son 19 if he want job ? Lol we have weekend entry level position 😄❤️ … he say mum we will talk tonight 😄🤨

Hahaha just imagining him already 😄❤️ let’s see if he reacts how I think he gonna react lol

He hears my stories too lol 😄

So we see how that does and what he says 😄 I am so curious lol

Ok so there is that stuff

Tonight is family night and I be back later ❤️✌️

Ok I will be back ✌️

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