Grey day

Alright today is a day off… going to handle jobs, and then also I worked so much… that I feel like my house is dirty lol – totally neglected … I cleaned up after us, but I usually do a once a week full clean – I stay on top of that usually, it goes pretty quick because I do regularly…

But with work so much… I was too tired. I just did the small daily things and that’s it. It’s been maybe 2 weeks since full clean but is driving me bananas so that will be dealt with.

It’s not a BIG deal … but it drives me nuts because I am unorganized! Which makes me hard to focus – when is organized I just feel more put together? … plus I love the fresh clean look and smell and I light candles 🕯 and it’s just so nice. ❤️

But first I am going to handle jobs… work on that… because I do want out… I do love my girls – and I do love the job and the atmosphere ❤️ I love the calm… yes it gets crazy… but when there is calm – it is total calm ❤️

But ya know it’s a far drive and it’s been kinda draining me, a little bit. It’s too far to drive to go have so much stress 🤨😄 so yeah be working on jobs today.

Alright so working for myself today . I am slow and sleepy because is cloudy and cold.

It is a day where I think ok, let’s adult some more – but then the Devil that sits on my other shoulder (lol) is like “no go ahead spend all day in bed” 😄 I can take one day right? Just not come out of the covers – and I still have the soup I made ❤️

I will sort of aim for that? It will last a little while …and then I’m just going to be thinking about what I have to do. But let’s not go there until later lol 😄✌️ I just don’t want to get out of the covers ❤️ it is a day of staying in bed!! Meh … things to do/stay in bed lol … decisions decisions lol

I should probably do things – but I just need a minute.

I can do both… I can do things from bed lol … so I don’t have to get up technically – except for the cleaning which I can do when I get up lol – which I don’t want to do right now ✌️ everything else I can probably do from bed!! Lol

I just don’t want to move right now!

I be back shortly ish 😘✌️❤️

9 thoughts on “Grey day

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    1. Oh yes! And I was soo exhausted!!

      Doing is empowering … and once I have everything completed … you can sit back and relax ❤️ ahhh lol

      Of course life is never finished lol … so I take my moments here and there 😊✌️


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