And then there was rain

This is what tonight is… all day was like this too…

Just constant pouring rain… so much rain ☔️

Omg right now is just pounding down! 😮😮 like the skies haven’t cried in so long and is letting it all out now lol

It’s really really crazy raining!! Please don’t flood my roads!!! It’s been crazy raining all day… pouring … I am sure there are now rivers in areas 🤨

Whoa lots of rain!

I did not stay in bed all day … I did for a minute but I really wanted few things handled

According to my app lol.. it says it will also rain tomorrow (Wednesday)

My neighbors and people keep checking on me like something might be wrong? Lol

Is heavy heavy rains and they text and want to make sure I’m ok … umm yes lol… is raining but I’m ok. Is sweet lol ❤️ they keep checking on me.

Should I be worried? Because I wasn’t until they all keep checking on me?? Now I am alerted to possible dangers lol

Hang on trying to be back

19 thoughts on “And then there was rain

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    1. So far no leaks 🙏☔️
      And so far I am not floating away and no trees have fallen on my house lol 🙏🙏

      Let’s hope for continued good luck lol 🙏🙏

      It is coming down fierce though!! So far so good ❤️

      I will see roads maybe tmrw 😮


    1. Lol… well the people who check on me, they just do that all the time. They see the things I go through and they also know who I am as a person.

      I have different families everywhere lol 😄❤️… I have my actually blood brother and sister but they are far… so I made a whole bunch of others 😄😘✌️

      I have my work family… they are awesome most of the time lol 😄✌️

      I have a family of people I am Silent with currently but they still check on me ❤️

      And then I have my home family … obviously my children ❤️… but my landlord and her sister are like family to me ❤️ and a few neighbors also keep making sure I am ok

      But also – they don’t just do for me like that… I care and check on them too, I’ve brought groceries or done thoughtful things or favors for… not that I ever expect anything but when you are good to people – you end up with many families ❤️

      And actually – when I had the cancer and went through that… yeah I got to see how many people loved me … people were amazing ❤️ it was very humbling!!!

      Everyone helped me through that ❤️ so ya know … I love everyone too ❤️😘✌️

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  1. You really have a good neighbours! Raining in night is beutiful though. I know I sound weird. you might be thinking that what is the difference between day or night. It is all the same but I don’t know why I just love raining in evening time or night. Maybe daytime is for outdoor works and in night we could stay in home and just relax or doing household stuffs so if there is raining outside that will not creat disturbance to my work lol. Also I don’t like heavy raining. Oh my god there is a huge problem in my neighbour locality. A continuous rain for 2 hours causes the blockage of the roads so irritating. Hope you are fine. Stay safe ❤️and take care! Also good morning to you❤️ Funny though I had just finished my bed cleaning before sleep lol.

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    1. Yes all my people are amazing ❤️🙌❤️ lol … they are very kind and thoughtful.

      I am hoping there was not a lot of flooding – should be ok? lol 🙏

      Night rain is very beautiful and it does not interfere with daytime things … can make the night very beautiful ❤️ and a lull sound for sleep 💤

      I’m glad your cleaning was done before bed lol … now tmrw you start all fresh ❤️✌️🙌 – have a good sleep 🛌

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