Oh just stuff

Ok so… work went well. My girls are really stressed.

What else is new – people need to stop dying for one minute!! Let us catch up!!

One of my girls said something today that kinda struck me? She said how come when doctors help someone into the world they get paid the big money? And we help people out of the world, but we don’t make big money?

Well no one wants to talk funerals or think about or deal with it… is after thought. Life has been completed. Everything has ended.

Just like the star performer makes the big money , but the cleaning crew after the concert does not make as much at all lol – shows over

Anyway was just something that struck me when she said it.

I got to see my funny guy today!!! 😄❤️

One of my girls had a graveside today… so there was new cemetery guy… first time she meeting him!!!

And the family wanted to watch casket lowered which I guess they don’t normally … but this cemetery said they could… so my arranger went to ask what is the procedure?

And he goes over it with her… blah blah blah

Then after everything he asks her for her business card. She gives it to him and he says… is that your cell phone number?

She said no

He said well here put your cell phone number on there…

And she said “no if you need to reach me the office number is the best way to get ahold of me“

He continued asking for her cell phone number until she was highly uncomfortable and flat out told him no!!

Do you see how it is??? Yeah like that.

Well she felt very uncomfortable. Attendant was also there.

That is a work environment… we funeral people, they cemetery. Anyway so that was a thing

But for her was in a working environment with the family right there and she was highly uncomfortable. So I think she saying something.

What is with guys? Why are like that???

Anyway.. ooooohhhh I have news!!! Guess what?!

I have The Weekend off!!! Yes did you hear me??? I have the weekend off!!!! Omg Saturday AND Sunday!!! 😮❤️❤️❤️

A whole weekend off!!! I have not had a weekend off since January!! 😮😮😮

And I was all excited – this was on our morning meeting … I got all excited and then said… not that I can go anywhere, or do anything – but yay!! 😄❤️

So I have a weekend ❤️ I might get all my weekends – I think they want me during week instead.

But this is my first weekend… what do I do with a weekend … my first instinct was oooohhh what can I do, who can I call? What are my options? Lol … But then I remembered – oh yeah… nothing/no one 🤨


I just wish to do “something”… I don’t care if is boring… but just something – I won’t cause don’t want to deal with the virus. So that just stinks 🤨 and it’s winter

But yay I have a weekend… I’m still really excited about having a weekend ❤️😄✌️… for no reason other than just to have it lol … Friday gonna be even more amazing kicking off 2 whole days of the weekend like that!!



So … yeah. ❤️

Recently I was on a kick with that SNL “Leave me Alurn” thing… I could not stop laughing about it lol – I literally showed it to everyone 😄❤️✌️… you “have to” see this!! Lol

Well that took off 😄✌️ they are showing to people , and they showing other people …etc etc etc

Too funny ❤️

I wish I could just freely “be”… like we used to be- before someone unleashed hell upon us 🤨😠


Almost there I guess – another year or so. 🤨 better than nothing – right? Almost there.

I do like the peace… from the isolation and time to heal and all that… I like the less crowded areas.

I kinda like the mask a lot ❤️ I forget that I have it on sometimes at night.

But I do just miss simply doing ANYTHING!!! 🤨

There are pluses and minuses – so whatever.

It’s funny – just such a difference in way we live now.

~ sigh ~


I miss having my friends and kinda being alive ??

Oh yeah… someone was saying things about people 🤨😄 so I then asked – if you say that about them, what do you say about me? Lol 😄✌️

To which this person replied 🤨🤨… “oh you are wild” 😮🤨

What?? No!! I am not wild lol … I am not. I am furthest from wild

I am very boring. I like documentaries and comedies being safe and secure and peace and nature … summer lol ✌️😘… boring. Nothing overly exciting.

I do have a wild streak… but no – I am not wild. Don’t be saying things like that …no no!!


Ok off to relax and read 😘✌️

Good night 💤😴😘❤️✌️

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