Check this out…

I open the door to the flower room because I have an outside light I need to turn off in there.

I open the door to a flower wonderland 😮❤️❤️❤️ omg it smells so good!!

I have never seen flowers so HUGE!!! 😄 omg – it may not look huge in the photo but in person omg huge!! … it is bigger than ME! Lol

Is for today’s viewing

Anyway – they beautiful ❤️

I wonder if we get attendants 😮👏🙏

Ok have to run 😘✌️

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    1. Well the families order what they want – we have books of arrangements they can look through … but that HUGE one was sent by someone TO the family… so they probably shopped online for it.

      Those flowers are not cheap and that many!! Also depends on kind you want etc etc

      The florists usually do incredible jobs on flowers … they really put talent and care into it!! Some pieces just wow you!!

      And for families and funerals … flowers are transitional … and this particular family picked the location because is an expensive one. Want nothing but best of everything

      When the arranger said “oh she has Nordstrom’s taste?”

      The family said “no dear, Saks 5th Avenue taste”

      😮 so alright then.

      But many funerals will have this garden of flowers – is done out of love ❤️

      Some go crazy with the flowers … others are general… lately there have been ALOT who wanted tons and tons of flowers

      These will be going to the cemetery tmrw for graveside service outside


      1. Well it’s the last time they ever give anything to again… a last wish of love or goodbye

        People just do that .. I would wish to be loved 🥰 with flowers ❤️

        Yeah they come really beautiful ❤️


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