What day is it? Lol

I find myself saying that constantly

Today was good.

I was uncomfortable today 🤨 just because – it was that time 🤨

My coworker gave me some Advil. That helped …

And then I remembered … I have to stop and get stuff 🤨

I don’t want to stop and get stuff 🤨😝😝😝

So I didn’t – before I left work, I ordered all the stuff and had it delivered 😄… I just am hurting, and I don’t want to get out of the car and get stuff. Just bring it to me lol

I also got chocolate 🍫… it’s part of the stuff lol 😄😘✌️

That worked out really well for me 😄❤️

I am still hurting 🤨😝 but I did not have to stop or shop – so I am happy lol

We did have attendant today but was not my funny guy … was a girl… but I like her – she was cool

On another subject…



Lol there was always that old guy 😄😄

I remember the lights and songs like this…






And slow skates would be this 🙄…




Lol … the slow skates lol 🙄 I didn’t mind if I had a boy… but if I didn’t it was annoying – ugh hurry up lol 😄✌️

We used to have so much fun ❤️ and pizza and nachos

And they had a arcade area too! Those are funny memories ❤️❤️

How funny we were … I look at photos and cringe lol … I went out like that? Lol

My experience was only middle school with the roller skating rink lol … by high school that wasn’t cool anymore lol

In high school was different – I went to 3 different ones … Florida, California and Massachusetts … high school was football games, dances and parties or things like that.

Each school was really different!!

Anyway… working again tmrw … should have more days off this week? Maybe?

So that’s about it. Gonna catch up some or try to before I tire out ✌️❤️

Good night 😘💤🌙

11 thoughts on “What day is it? Lol

Add yours

  1. You are not alone on that front. Hey, my husband accepted a job locally, and declined the Sacramento one. Actually, Sacramento offered him the job right after he had accepted one in Ontaria, Ca. I guess the coffee dates will have to wait, lol.

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    1. Boooo!! Did you not tell him – “but I have a blog friend” 😄😄✌️ kidding lol… still awww though

      Well I wish you both the best in that. Be an adventure lol – live your best life ❤️😘

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  2. You skated way later than me! My years would have been roughly 1970-80. Both our local rinks closed by 82 (one after hosting a hardcore punk concert that damaged the place).

    Slow skate was the worst!! You couldn’t do anything but watch cause so many people were off the rink!!

    I think our “old guy” was about 30. Disco skating was just starting to be a thing. I remember my red fake-satin jacket!

    I can’t recall songs off the top of my head but will sometimes be shopping and some 70s classic will give me a flashback!

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    1. My skate years were 1984, 1985 & 1986.

      Was all Duran Duran and just all kinds of fun lol

      Hahaha yeah slow skate sucked lol

      Hahaha I died laughing with the red satin jacket that is so funny! I had the mini skirts with the thigh high socks – oh yeah and the Jordache Jeans lol 😯🙄 omg, also Bongo. And Guess lol

      Now our songs played in grocery store 😄 maybe wear the skates there lol bring back memories lol


      1. By 81 I was going to small music gigs, no time for roller rink!

        No mini skirts for me… I’ve been fat since I was 5. No plus size girls clothes back then so mostly wore boys pants.

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      2. In 1981… I was 9. Had not even begun the rink yet lol

        Oh wow!! There was not plus size back in the day??

        Boys pants tends to be more comfortable anyway ✌️❤️ and cheaper

        That must have been hard though.


      3. It was horrible when I was old enough to realize it… around 4th grade. Mothers sewed back then so I had some slightly more femme tops but most of my clothing was unflattering.

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      4. My mother sewed as well 😄😄 I remember those fashions lol

        Mine even made my swimsuits 🤨 yeah those didn’t go very well lol

        But yes – my mother did the same 😄❤️ (I may have also done that with my own kids …when they were younger, before they realized 😄✌️❤️) lol


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