Don’t worry

Working today… also have viewing, but is outside. We have to do things in weird ways to accommodate both the families and the virus.

I shouldn’t have too much to do with that. We have so much going on – yesterday for the other location I worked – 3 NEW came into a full board already!!

I know this one today also has full board … ok so just a lot going on.

Last night I made food in crockpot cause I wanted something warming and comforting for today. (I bring it to lunch)

House smells amazing right now!! And I went to stir and taste lol – I made it really really hot 🥵… lol … I added WAY too much jalapeño!! It’s still really yummy – just very hot 🥵 lol

I knew I added too much when I was making it… I had thought is this gonna be too much? Nah… I can handle it

So that will be my lunch lol ❤️

Ok I have to run. Today and tmrw then possibly days off ✌️😘 almost done with the working all the time? Maybe.. I don’t know. I worry 😘✌️


I do worry. ✌️ ok have to go

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    1. I usually do that… but I wanted soup because of the cold. Mmm warm my belly lol ❤️ cold and dreary although we did have some sun today.

      Still soup is nice – so I made soup over night – took with me today.

      Today I did not expect that monthly time … and it hit… and 1st day is never good… so much pain!!! Oh to be done with this! That was awful!

      Do you have any remedies for cramps?? Cause ughhh I hurt!!!

      And yes lunch was yummy ❤️


      1. Take care buddy. yah during this time I actually make herbal tea with Ginger, black paper, cumin seed and zeera. you can try it. Also light massage with sesame oil is relaxable. You can try it in home. I generally do this two remedies but there are too many Ayurvedic treatments which is also effectable as well as it hasn’t any side effect. You can try it. It is really good for reliefing cramps and don’t forget to take hot water fomentation. Also take care of yourself, don’t do lot of heavy works as this time uterine cavity is remain so much sensitive. Take care buddy.

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      2. I will try the tea ❤️ thank you

        I usually do a heating pad and Advil but these are worse than usually are – which I assume is because of all the stress lately ?

        Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


      1. Today!! I did not hear anything yet – I work different home today

        I just help with the work – I don’t usually get to see how goes. Must have went good or I would have heard about it.


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