Ooops 😮✌️

I made a mistake bleh

I forgot about something 🤨 I wasted time 🤨 I only forgot to send over files to another location

I take blame – that was me… fuck! But whatever got to see my favorite guy twice lol – he is just so funny – I just sit there and giggle cause he is so funny!

And this new guy at the other location … I like him a lot too – he is very methodical 😄 I like that. Organized! Communicator!!

But lol … he kinda freaks out over everything 😄

8am on nose he calling me … uhhh do you know when attendants be coming – I have 8… I said who are your attendants ??

He said my funny guy and some other guy … well they usually pretty on it??

So I text my friend guy and say get your ass over there lol it was funny – he is funny – I wish I worked with him everyday!

And then I forgot the files lol 🤦‍♀️

Crap. Ok well whatever they have the files now.

I still have some flag to do …omg it’s so big! I’m almost done … but I also have 2deaths I am working on

Ok I have more to do. Kinda swamped

All my guys are hilarious lol … except for the Republican one. I like him – but he is very very strongly opinionated

But they are all hilarious!

Ok I have to work more!!

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    1. Yeah – hopefully nothing urgent? Nothing was laid out!

      He is a few years younger than me 😄… I am older lol only by like 3 years

      But he’s gay, there is no way… but he makes me laugh constantly!! And he’s so sweet! I just enjoy who he is very much.

      He’s cute. Tall slender… taller than me (I am 5’7”) cute looking – very handsome and put together – always smells amazing lol he is awesome!!


      1. And the colognes!!! My first thought upon walking into my first gay bar was how GOOD it smelled!! I got so hooked that I wore men’d cologne for a looong time. Till a guy told me all the men’s cologne, bath products, deodorant, etc haf him convinced I secretly lived with a guy. Nope… men’s products are cheaper and I liked the scents!!

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      2. Hahaha just last week my funny guy brought in a unisex cologne he want me to smell lol … Gucci Mèmoire 🙄😄 it smelled really good but I am not one for unisex … but was nice

        He always smells so amazing!!


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