Tired on Friday

Friday again ❤️ I am a little tired – I have 50 hours this week!! So I am exhausted for that.

Tonight we played a game called Splendor … was cool fast moving. We had fun – 19 won 😄❤️

Then we watched this:


❤️❤️❤️ the movie I want to see is “Soul” ❤️❤️❤️


We had fun. Is always good to have them. ❤️ I had fun but my mind is all over the place with things.

Work went good… like I mentioned I had a veteran … it was a really quick fast one and we didn’t think we could provide the military rifle salute?

But Veteran Affairs and the volunteer rifle team… they helped me coordinate so we were able to get the deceased the FULL military Honors!! Woo hoo!!

Thank you to Veteran Affairs!!! And also the volunteer rifle team… you guys are amazing and that was a pleasure teaming together. 🇺🇸

Yes we still doing “outside things” and only very limited people

We kinda seeing more and more Covid. I am to wear a mask even when I am all alone.

My mind is a million miles away?? I just have too many thoughts on so many things.

I am tired anyway. I pushed this week. I work tmrw … think by myself?? 🙏🙏

One of my jobs tmrw, will be to steam the flag 🇺🇸 so there are no wrinkles – it will be draped on casket, folded and given to the family.

Do you have any idea how HUGE that flag is?? That is huge!! I already have it hanging up and draped … I started to try to steam the flag today but… that goes slowly because I have to have the steam coming out… it will be on, and then has to heat up again… I have to wait 🤨

So hmm that is gonna take forever – but I have to… is for Monday

That flag is so huge!! 🇺🇸

Alright well … sorry I’m not finding time to read too much – I do when can but I haven’t really had much time off

So I don’t know how they gonna let me do?

Whatever – worked while I could and can.

I am really tired 😴 I really have to sleep.. I have to be at work early again.


I am trying to be back – be patient 😘✌️🙏

Good night – I try to respond tmrw 🙏❤️ 💤

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