How do I do this??

Ok so there is a job… they want to know why I have employment gap… but then they say… don’t include personal or medical information

Ok??? Well how the hell am I supposed to answer then???

Fricken breast cancer 🤨🤨 how do I explain without saying that or was medical issue 🤨🤨😡

AND then … they want to know if is ok to contact my current employer … 😳😳😳

I don’t have a problem with that really?? Sorta???

I am a good and hard worker … but my worry is … if they know I am looking for another job… before I can get one – I don’t want retribution??

Yeah yeah – probably against the law, but many things against the law happen.

I’ve seen it go on… and I don’t want it being miserable or anything until I can get out.

So that kinda worries me…

So then do I tell this job – no don’t contact them…

Cause then I look shady 🤨 wtf

That sucks – how do you handle these things ??

How am I supposed to not say I was out of work because of breast cancer – if you gonna ask me about that gap… that’s what it was – what else am I supposed to say???? There was nothing else – if I wasn’t sick- I would have still worked 🤨 and what else am I supposed to say??? You gonna ask that – that’s what happened 🤨

And then… I don’t want to appear shady, because I am not… but I also don’t want to be blacklisted or have retribution

Don’t tell me that doesn’t happen… yes it does

So what to do??? Why can’t I just say what is!? Why they have to make this so difficult!!!

So… fuck it – I’m gonna tell them it was breast cancer – cancer free now – if that’s an issue – then screw you

And then … no you may not contact my current employer – I currently work there and do not want any kind of issues

Yeah I’m gonna lay it out like that 😡😡😡

They either gonna want me or they won’t … what is meant to be will be… but I am annoyed with those questions

What is the gap in your employment ? But you can’t say any medical issues or personal issues? Oh yeah wanna bet? Cause I’m saying it!!! Wtf is that?? How else am I supposed to do?

Oh thought I would just do nothing for a reason I can’t tell you 🤨😡 yeah I am annoyed with that

So I am gonna say everything… tell me to explain but not let me 😡… I’m explaining

I just made myself all mad lol 😄✌️

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  1. I’ve been saying “extended illness and recovery”. I think it’s valid to answer with medical, despite what it said, when that is the true answer. How much you tell them (I’m intentionally vague but it might serve you better to be specific).

    As for contacting current employer, that’s often a test to see if you’re leaving on good terms. They very rarely call because in CA there is EXTREME liability if you employer says anything negative about you. Most firms won’t even confirm pay rate or when you were hired.

    Be honest… easier to deal with any ramifications of that then of attempting “politically correct” or “what they want to hear” responses… esp if you end up hired. If they don’t like it, it’s not the right job anyway.

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    1. Oh I just watched them blacklist someone for that… I don’t want that…. because if this job isn’t serious about wanting me… then no I can’t risk having miserable working experience

      I would be sorta leaving on good terms – I am a good hard worker – I bend over backwards for them… but they don’t pay me enough… they don’t offer benefits … they don’t care and want me to bust my ass for them for nothing in return. They keep firing people and people keep quitting – high pressure and they don’t care

      So while I have good standing… I have seen the retribution over the same thing so I am not willing to risk that for a job unless they want me for sure.

      I am gonna be honest with all of it … sorry – I don’t play games – this is what you get – you either want it or you don’t… period

      And yup I agree – if they can’t handle me, not the job for me!!! 🤨😡 I am brutally honest, I will not play stupid games – job or not


      1. I’m the same way. If I have to play games just to get an interview, what hell will I encounter on the job??

        I hope your current job doesn’t act like jerks if contacted… but it’s fair for them to know you’re looking for better opps. A good employer would try to make you happy*.

        *one of my layoffs, were I was supposed to be the very last employee after 9 months notice, had their plans go to hell. A week before my layoff date, the VP came to ask what they could do to get me to stay on for awhile longer. I said, “Nothing!” Other employees kissed ass for extensions. A lifetime of contract work (learning to save money and knowing how to find another job), and bring single, allowed me to leave that hellhole with a fantastic layoff pkg!!

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      2. I just watched them be horrible to someone who said they be looking to leave… I saw issues but I didn’t truly know until they let them go… and there have been others

        If they know I am looking – they already do not have loyalty or treat employees well… if they know I want to leave they will be mean if not let me go right away… trying not to have that happen. I love the job and the coworkers – but they killing me… and the environment is getting worse and worse

        They won’t care to make me happy… or any employee for that matter – to them “everyone is replaceable”

        They won’t care at all. I have no layoff package – if they let me go when I don’t have a back up I am fucked

        I don’t hate the job, I just need full time, I can’t have the stress they dishing out, and I need benefits. They know what my position is… but they keep stringing me along .. oh yes maybe in a little bit … that never comes – I have been hearing that for a long time.

        So I think they be offended if I try to leave… so I just don’t want any problems before I have a back up lined up.

        This job has been hard enough


  2. How about saying something like … you may contact my current employer if I am shortlisted / called for interview etc. They will understand how this stuff works. And if you really do not wish to say something like “surgical recovery” then how about fudging the dates or are they so anal that you need to explain away every month? Gahhh. Good Luck!!!

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    1. Yeah I was just honest… if they can’t handle honesty then is not a place I want to work at…

      I do not mind saying I’ve had breast cancer – I am very open about that and answer any questions anyone has on it …

      But the United States has this thing about discrimination and what they can and can not ask… so it leaves me in a position where I don’t know how to answer other than to be honest and then they can take that as they want … I’m not going to dance around stupid laws … this is what it was… I am cancer free now… if is problem for them then ok – bye

      I am confused with them asking me and telling how I am not supposed to respond .. but that is my answer 🤨😄✌️ so I’m just gonna lay it out – either they think I am worth it or they don’t

      And then with contacting current employer – I’m just gonna be honest there as well… here it is… if you are gonna hire me then yes go ahead contact them… but if you are not sure then just pass on me… I do not want any punishment for looking for another job – that would be horrible – but it does make me nervous here

      So I’m just going to say my words honestly – whatever … if they don’t like that then they can pass

      I don’t want the stress of working somewhere that I can not be who I am, or say what I want. Omg yeah that wouldn’t be good either lol

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      1. Yes, it’s a minefield but I think that your honest approach is the right one! After all, it has to be an organisation that you feel at home with and the recruitment process is often a useful indicator of that!

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    2. But thank you also for that response – I just don’t like stupid politically correct games – either they want a good worker or they don’t

      Either they want honesty or they don’t. I have to be upfront and honest – I can’t not be that way

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  3. I totally agree with you that there will probably be negative consequences for you at your current job if they find out you are looking. That’s absolutely what happens. Your plan sounds good – no, don’t contact unless they plan to hire you. If they’re not willing to work with you on that particular point, then they’re probably not likely to work well with you on other things either. This is a good thing for you to know right off the bat.

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    1. Yes exactly! I don’t want to take any chances with any kind of retribution…

      So I will tell the job, if you want to hire me – “for sure”, then yes you may contact- but otherwise I still have to be there.

      I definitely want a job that will appreciate honesty and morals. 😊✌️


    1. Yes … I know … Oh I do 🙏🙏✌️

      I know the right thing will come ❤️🙏 whether it be this or something else … I know I will pick correctly ❤️🥰 thank you always Ashok ❤️

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