Do you want me or not?

So Veterans Day … because of Veterans Day we had to have ALL hours in by last night …

Because they had used me for all the hours already – they had already told me – I could not have Friday. I would have had to already put in hours for Friday and that would bring me over the hours I am allowed – big time… putting me in full time category … but they don’t want to usually do that because then they need to give benefits

And like I said they already told me no… I am not home – I am out and about – I have been out doing job things, as well as personal things

One calls me at 8:30am can I work… I would not get the hours – I would not be paid… cause cut off was last night and again they already use all my hours and told me no.

So I had things planned you need to give me notice and I’m not working for free – not for that shit

Then I explain that I can not and everything I just said there

No sooner do I say that… then another text me from another one of the homes and ask if I can work 🤨

Again I have to explain all that. And if you want me so bad – give me full time and benefits – stop limiting my hours.

Then my phone rings about 12:30pm … from a number I do not know… I do not answer those … if you want me leave a message – I call back…

Well it is the manager guy ABOVE my manager 😳😮

He say… we need you – we let you have more hours next week… so touch base and we see – please talk to so and so and then call me back

Ok so do you or do you not want me! And are you willing to pay for that?

And I drive far so if we only talking a few hours but still stay under – it’s gonna have to be worth my while!

So I will do that shortly. I am not at beckon call unless you think I’m worth it – then prove it. Put the money where your mouth is. ✌️😘

I have other stuff about other stuff too lol – I will tell that later – I have to finish few things so I can get home

And yeah … I do drive a hard bargain… because I am worth it, and I am sick of the shit. ✌️

You want me to give you what you want … then give me what I want. I don’t ask for a lot and I work very hard – if they can’t appreciate that then we got some issues lol

So I will call her and see what they want and then I call him back. Let me see what they offer… they will absolutely have to make it worth it.

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  1. My fav ever was when work tried to call me in on a vacation day for something I’d seen coming for over a week. I said, “sorry – I’m not in the city.” Technically true, I was at my apt 3 miles away, which happened to be another city. F them!!

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    1. Hahaha well ya know… I had zero hours – I get in trouble if I go over … and then I need notice you can’t just call me and be like hey come in… I am not bending over backwards more than I already am only to be treated like shit and have massive stress

      They need to tell me before hand they need me

      And that hours thing… that’s on them… I would work full time if they let me – but they won’t let me

      Until now – they say gonna bring me on board – but I will believe that when I see it.

      These girls come into work on their vacation days … it’s that bad they can’t even have a vacation

      There is no work/life balance at all


      1. Yeah … well I answer for my girls … I do have some pretty awesome coworkers and I am not an arranger… I am only in admin – but I do help out when able and they let me have the hours.

        All my other jobs never begged me to come in before – the jobs prior to this one would call and tell me – oh we don’t need you today lol

        So eh whatever

        My girls are good teammates – some of them are really awesome so ya know I have their backs they have mine ❤️


      2. Yeah my team of girls – we very strong with teamwork with each other ❤️ I do because of them 🥰 … and the money lol I do need money.

        They won’t let me have hours usually … they work me to the bone, use up all the hours and then usually don’t let me have any more – they HAVE BEEN very strict with that … so we see how it goes now?


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