Thursday things

I can not wait for all this election stuff to be done with – I am really tired of 2020!! Please count ALL the votes! Good or bad just do it. Also I really hate how divided we are ☹️💔 I am exhausted by that

In the meantime, got my car situated… that is all completely squared away… the new one anyway…

The old one… well I don’t really have the time to deal with that… so I do believe I will just do the pick and pull… that way also – it won’t come back to haunt me… so I do think that is the best way… I won’t have to deal with anyone or much with it… I can remove it from my name and insurance. That will have to wait until next week though.

So that takes care of the cars…

Also been handling jobs today… but I can’t report on that until something happens with that.

I do have to handle lawyer which I will do shortly… I just have to send an email.

Ok so car, job, lawyer… ugh I need to do doctor ☹️ … I do not want to do that one. I hate that one. But let’s go ahead and be a grown up 🤨😝 ugh I just don’t like it.

I want to do anything I can to avoid… but then I also know “I HAVE to” …so I am going to force myself to handle that. Just do it – get it over with! Bleh

I do everything else – I can do that.

It kinda makes me feel sick to do that 😝 but ok just do it … suck it up and handle it. Bleh – I cringe

Car, job, lawyer, doctor, what else?? I feel like I am forgetting something?? What am I missing?

I feel like I am definitely forgetting something?? I don’t know. If I am, I will eventually realize it when it’s in my face. 🤨😄✌️ hopefully whatever it is comes to me before that happens 🙏 … but I think I am pretty solid with the main stuff I need to be.

Anyway… I was actually looking for something on YouTube lol… and instead it recommended a video for me… was an SNL video… I have not seen this before, but it made me laugh so much … they are sooo funny

That made me really laugh … omg

Anyway… tmrw is Friday ❤️❤️❤️ I do not have to work because they way over worked me already. Beyond what I was supposed to do, so they can not have me again “at all” until Saturday

Boys be here tmrw ❤️❤️❤️ woot woot

It’s actually November 😮 … although it doesn’t really feel like November? This year didn’t really feel like a year, like it normally does – it felt LONG and annoying lol but ya know… very different

All the holidays have been different too.

This is one of my favorite things for the holidays ❤️ because every single year – THIS makes me smile ❤️ no matter how hard the year has been… this always just makes me smile ❤️👇

I wish it was Christmas today! ❤️

It will be different also… have we learned anything this year? 🙏

Whew – almost made through 2020! We almost there 🙏❤️

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  1. Oh my god. Don’t ask me lol. This year is the complete package of everything lol. I learned alot. So this year dissapoint me but at the same time this year has lot of things from which we could actually learn lol.

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    1. Yes I agree!! This year has had crazy insane “what is happening?!” moments lol…

      … sad heartbreaking moments… anger moments… frustration moments – terrifying moments …

      But then at the same time… there have been teaching/learning moments… moments of peace and remembrance… clarity on life, moments to breathe, moments of connections

      So it hasn’t ALL been bad…but also not a good year.

      Has not been my favorite year… gave me mercy in areas. Was just different

      It was the complete package of everything!! Lol – I do not want everything like that lol✌️

      I hope we learn… and I hope we come out stronger and come together more 🙏❤️

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  2. I went to Walgreens for Qtips and Nyquil. I shopped the entire store because I knew something was missing from my list. Hot home and… forgot to grab Qtips. And I know I grabbed Nyquil but it somehow didn’t make it home (I wasn’t charged so I lost it somewhere before checkout). DOH!!!!!

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    1. Oh no!!! 🤦‍♀️ I hate when that happens …

      I did that on my sons (19) birthday this last October … I made the cake and I had everything but when I got home made the cake, did the frosting and… went to decorate – I was missing the writing frosting? I was gonna write happy birthday so he ended up with a lack luster decorated cake lol – but I had the special 19 candle lol … I know I had it… but it was not there when I went through bags

      I have also gone to store for specific items and completely forgot those specific items


      1. I bought cheap “qtips” at the 99cent store but they’re even worse than I feared. I have a pk of 500 in my Amazon cart but they’re sold through Fresh, so I need to add $32 of EBT food to get them!

        Orrr… go back to Walgreens tomorrow. It’s only 1.5 blocks away. Maybe I’ll wait till Mon, since I have to go out anyway and Walgreens is on my way home. Except, I’ve already been saying that for almost 2 weeks!

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      2. Hahaha that’s so funny – I do the exact same thing 😄 dammit I forgot blah blah blah … and I will SAY I will do tmrw after work… and then either I forget or I am too tired lol

        Well you could do $32 of food yes?

        It depends on how fast you need and if you can handle the 99cent store ones lol


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