So shit is hitting the fan. 😮

I was supposed to work at one place… but my boss call me today and tell me be at another … I say ok but you only have me til 3… said gonna send an attendant so alright… I’m out at 3.

We see – I half don’t trust. Is popping off tmrw with services and obviously we have zero staff

Of course it’s the furthest

I’ll just shut it down if they not there.

And then “just now” the place I was gonna be text and say what time you be here ??? They evidentially did not have communication!!!

I said I’m being sent somewhere else…

So I know that’s gonna be HUGE issue… do you see how stressful??? There is a gazillion things going on and no staff – shame on corporation heads!!!

They tell us to deal with it… they gonna be the ones dealing with a lot more soon.

Tmrw will suck! Thank god it’s Friday… see the stress level with the bullshit – I don’t like that! It just went zero to 60!!

It’s falling apart… and deaths ya know omg … you can not fall apart with this!!!

All these corporate heads have no idea what they doing!! They gonna lose control shortly – it’s gonna just blow up! Do they even know what time it is??? Wake the hell up!!

Yeah … I can’t stay in this, like this. I’m not even an arranger and I’m highly stressed by it!!

That’s literally “death” stress level!! Like literally! … both for the rising blood pressure for the living and then IS death work… so all around is death stress level!!!

Ok just talk to arranger who say I am there instead … boss has not informed me yet???

Omg so now I have to be in 2 places at once … no wonder everyone thinks I look fricken familiar – I’m all over the fricken place!!!

Ok… I’m at the middle place tmrw ??

I’m telling you … the deaths are pouring in and the craziness and lack of staff is too much!!!

My doctor would kill me himself if he knew the level of stress.. crap ☹️😔

Ok fine… life warned me… kept saying get out of death – get away … I didn’t

I kinda drag my feet hoping will be ok… and it isn’t – gets worse

I have to learn to jump ship when shit sucks lol dammit – I don’t like thinking like that!!! I always think, if I stick with it – it be ok? I have to learn how to know when to leave 😮 I kinda suck at that.

I’m working on it… just handled all the new car stuff – I might just do that pick and pull and be done with the other car ….

I love you my little Toyota ❤️ but I got too much going on!!! Wtf life!!

Jobs – next focus!!! Hard core focus – get the hell out of death!!! Is not gonna get any better – only worse!!!

I am not a morbid person… not at all… but seeing as it is Halloween 🎃… and my job is killing me… I’m a little fed up with death!! …

Let’s go with this… cause it’s gonna kill me that way!

My head spins a little with how crazy and fluid it is 😔

I feel bad a little that I can’t do it 😔 I do love the job… just it’s over my head now 💔💔💔 and it’s gonna get worse and worse

Wrong profession right now!!!

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