Ok… woo hoo!!! Passed smog no problems ❤️❤️❤️ nice and smooth 👌❤️

Small odd thing lately… 😳

Ok… well the other day… some woman thought she knew me?? Remember that?

No… she did not?? I didn’t think anything of it… My face is half covered so ya know… they just don’t know … same thing happened other day at funeral home too?? So whatever just a coincidence

So… today I go to the Smog place … I go in – sign up, was like 20 minute wait… blah blah blah – no big deal … I knew would take time

So… I am just wearing that full face mask… so actually you can clearly see my face under the shield this time. Whatever … I just like breathing lol ✌️ (I love that face shield ❤️ fricken rocks!) I still love the masks too… I love those for the mystery… but I love the shield for the breathing 😄✌️

I feel kinda naked with the shield cause you can see my face lol… funny how that is now

Anyway… they are being REALLY nice to me… ok whatever that’s cool 😊❤️ I like niceness ✌️

So the car guy (not my normal car guy… this is a smog station) the guy takes my car and pulls it inside and hooks it up and starts all the tests…

I don’t really say much, I was standing outside just waiting.

Was a totally beautiful day today… perfect temperature, sun was shining ❤️❤️ so beautiful!!! …

So he finishes my car, says my name… smiles at me and gives me thumbs up 👍… cause I fricken passed – wooo hooo!!!

That’s electronically submitted to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) – that’s what they call it over here in California

Back in Massachusetts they call it REGISTRY of Motor Vehicles 🙄… also in Massachusetts we never had to do a smog… we had to do vehicle inspections… make sure not a death trap, but they never cared about smog

Out here in California – they don’t care if you drive a death trap …as long as it does not pollute 😄✌️ ughh whatever

Anyway – I passed ❤️✌️ woo hoo! Also submitted to DMV so all my car shit there is done ✅

He went to pull my car out for me… and then when he got out of the car he just stopped and looked right in my eyes and just smiled for a minute 😳 … and then he says to me…

Do I know you from somewhere ?? 😳😳😳 umm what???

Why is this a running theme right now??? Why are people thinking they know me?? 😮😳 no one knows me… but he could see my full face!!

I have stayed out of view for a long time …

During cancer no one saw me except for the posts I would update on Facebook – but I rarely posted photos – and I was always in the hospital. I looked sick for a little while. I had tubes and drains etc. I just stayed out of sight … and my ex harassing me too so ya know… I lay low

And I just went silent from everyone after that surgery… they have not seen me in a very long time- I stay silent

I keep to self… I only usually do pick up shopping… there is no way I look familiar!! I do still look exactly (sorta) the same… with the boob exception but whatever

There is no way… there just isn’t and how do people recognize ME and I have no idea who they are?? What??? Yeah that is not possible!!!

I must have a doppelgänger or something???? Cause no!! No one knows me!

But that smile on his face 😳 and the way he was looking at me 😳 …

And when I said “yeah I don’t know? I probably just look familiar? You probably don’t know me.” (I don’t know what else to say?) That been happening a lot lately 😳

Then he started kinda tripping on his words ?? Lol…

He says “oh so are you “like” around here?”

Lol… yeah I’m around here lol

And then he smiles and says “yeah me too, um I’ll be right here, I’m always here – I work here, come stop by again” 😄😄😄

Umm 😄😄 sure ok thank you

And he just smiled and smiled and smiled lol 😄😄 alrighty then – have a nice day lol

That was funny.

But I am confused WHY people keep thinking they know me??? That is so weird??? Why is it constantly happening lately?? What is going on???

Do I look like someone? It’s just really weird – weirding me out a little ✌️

Normally I would have thought… yeah ok that’s a line 🙄🤨😄… and it could have been?? You know that ice breaker guys will say – quick easy starts a convo – yeah like we don’t know lol

BUT since this has happened a few times in the past couple days ???? Now that has my attention??? Why do I look familiar?? 😳😳😳 Lol

So weird!!!

Ok I be back I still have few more things to do

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  1. I have a doppleganger and our social lives overlapped so strongly (when I knew Marines, she was seen with Marines; when I was hanging with gays, so was she), that I started to wonder if I was schizophrenic and the people really did know my face with a different identity! Even my aunt, who was very close to me, saw her and thought it was me. It happened for years!!! I never met her but learned her name is Wendy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha that is so funny and weird! Would have been cool if you guys did meet! That would be a story!! But how weird to look same AND run in same circles!!

      Recently… it’s just been odd ?

      Either someone looks very similar to me? 🤨… or it’s just a weird coincidence that people keep saying??

      Just recently started happening 😳😮

      Hahaha like the case of Toonces and Not Toonces 😄✌️❤️


      1. A friend once swore my doppelganger were in a club at the same time. He found her and brought her over. He must have been high, we looked nothing alike… different bodies, height, hair color… it cracked me up!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha that’s what I kinda wonder cause you know people see things weird sometimes lol 😄

        I am pretty sure no one looks like me lol … I’d be pretty surprised.

        I suppose is possible – but I want to see it lol


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