Tonight I had a convo with my landlords sister.

Ya know, they are really important to me. They just came into my life and have been … hmm… they kinda became family…

I found them at that moment right after that surgery, and after I had lost all my family… I just found them…

I’ve gone into the story before … but tonight when talking to her sister about stuff…

She asked me how lawyers went, and I told her… she was happy and made a comment “good, let him answer to the courts now! You never deserved that”

I agree… however… there is something on my mind with that… cause she said I never should have had to go through that… which is true – it never should have happened.. that system is broken…

BUT… if I didn’t go through those things exactly the way that they happened… I would not have found them ❤️❤️❤️ I would not have them in my life …

Sometimes I just think there are things that are meant to be?

I had to suffer through many things but that brought these amazing ladies in my life ❤️

I can not imagine life without them?? Just cause they really are like family?

They are supportive, and kind, they always have checked on me, made sure I was ok, always asked if I need anything, always are just really kind ❤️ they really kinda just adopted me ❤️ they kept me safe and gave me peace ❤️

I had lost all my family and was devastated with that, and had the cancer – I was devastated there too… and the ex was brutal beyond what you could think… so to have found them… just in those moments and how they just fit into my life like family – almost like they put there – like was meant to be?

I was quiet at first… I just needed that peace. They didn’t know I just had surgery, and they didn’t know about ALL of the deaths I had (they knew about my dad only) and they didn’t know about my ex… they didn’t know any of it – and I was silent.

They gave me time to settle in, and then they would check on me to see if I needed anything, or to see if I was doing ok.

They would make me laugh, and then they were friendly so I just kinda started letting down my guard… and then over time they learn my story and “me”… and I learned “them” ❤️

They helped my strength come back ❤️

When I first met my landlord… she also went through breast cancer and she had lost a husband the same year I lost my dad… so instantly I kinda connected with her… and she’s so friendly…

Her sister is a little shy’er … but the sweetest most gentle soul you would ever meet ❤️ she’s funny ❤️

I have loved being out here with them ❤️ they are a blessing to me!

I would like to have NOT had to suffer through so much… that was devastating and excruciating…

But if I had not… I would never have met such amazing women ❤️

And I learned lessons along the way too… so that is also good. I needed lessons 🤨 … even though I don’t like lessons lol ✌️😄

But yeah… so when we were talking and she said that…

I said … if I didn’t go through all that, I wouldn’t have you in my life – so in a way, I am very thankful life brought you both to me ❤️

Yeah so… just ya know am glad to have them ❤️

…they are just amazing … ❤️

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  1. If I hadn’t been laid off, then laid up with undiagnosed lupus, I wouldn’t have been home to tend to AdamCat while he was dying. I wouldn’t have learned all I have about financial aid. I wouldn’t have been able to arrange cat TNRs. And I wouldn’t have known how generous my online friends can be!

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    1. Crazy with the way life leads us! Sometimes from really bad things, really good shows up. ❤️

      (I didn’t know you have Lupus… are you doing ok with that?)


      1. I had medication-induced lupus. It was cured by simply stopping the blood pressure med th as t caused it. But it took 2yrs to test positive and a coincidence to determine it was med-induced.

        Upon stopping the med, I immediately started feeling better. But that was months ago… almost a year?… and I only recently started feeling myself again.

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      2. I am so glad that was discovered and fixed for you ❤️ I have a friend who has lupus and is really difficult to deal with 😔

        So glad you feeling yourself again ❤️❤️❤️


      3. I’m the one who figured it out. I was referred for adv testing but that doc was a mega bitch. I happened to catch a cold and get so sick that I forgot to take my BP pills. Several days in, I realized I had much more energy. Then I found something about the most common meds which cause lupus. Mine wasn’t on the list yet but most BP meds were. Mine made the “possible cause” list several months later. In the meantime, when my adv tests came back negative but I still felt like shit, the bitch doc offered to put me on a med that can cause skin to change color. When I looked up the med, the color change is to GREEN. Bitch wanted to turn me into Shrek!! I passed.

        I’m really fortunate that the timing all coincided like it did!!

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      4. Oh wow!!! So glad you figured out… was kinda good you got that cold then!!

        And omg lol… imagine taking some med and turning green 😮😳 that is nuts!! Lol

        When I was a new mother – with my oldest… when he first started eating solids… he loved carrots 🥕… so he always wanted carrots – carrots are good lol… so I fed him carrots … quite a bit… my child turned orange 😳😮😱😄😄 did not know that could happen lol

        I stopped feeding him so many carrots lol … he turned normal color again 😄😄 but your green med story reminded me of that 😄😘❤️✌️


      5. Yeah totally!!! I would not want to turn green either!!! 🤢 that is soooo weird that it would do that! I wonder what reaction causes it to go green ?


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