How do other countries learn foreign languages? (In school)

Do you learn them simply just to have basic general conversations? Or do you actually learn the rules of the language and speech?

Do you go in depth into languages?

What is the requirement for learning foreign languages in other countries??

Kids think you simply learn basic conversational language just for convo??

I say you learn and know more??? I think is more in depth? They say I am wrong??

Am I wrong???

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    1. Yeah that was a big discussion tonight lol

      I don’t know either – I still say other countries are more advanced with foreign language than we are.

      They say no 🤨 … I think I am right 😄✌️


      1. Well I don’t think that, thinking slow doesn’t mean you are not bright. It just means you take time to think out thoughts

        And everyone is bright in some way with something

        Languages are not my thing either … I wish it was… but I only speak English

        I don’t even remember how we got on that convo tonight? But they insist is just general knowledge of a language… but I disagree

        I think other countries give their children a way better advantage with foreign languages than the United States does. We should learn from everyone and see what the best parts are and mix them all together!!

        We would have incredible education if did that!!


  1. I think most countries teach full language skills. They want their citizens to be bilingual.

    Phase-only teaching is usually reserved for adults because we have a much harder time learning languages.

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    1. I do think is the full language in their schools. ??

      I really wish we had that in ours starting very young!! Very very young!!

      People don’t realize how smart children are!!! They like sponges 🧽… if you catch them early they soak it up!!

      And yes it definitely harder for adults!! I can see easier basic teaching for adults


      1. Most schools here in LB have mandatory bilingual classes in elementary school. But it’s immersion and neighborkid was too busy being pissed off about not understanding to learn.

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      2. Well that is awesome!!! Why would they every be mad at that?? And yes if it is not accepted learning from it won’t happen .. it has to be desired … but they should put it in and have it be mandatory.

        This is a class … pass or fail – their education.

        That’s pretty sad they rebel against education – it is soooooooooo beneficial!!!!! Especially NOW!!!!


      3. Well, she’s only 10. The disorientation, at 7 or 8 yrs old, just as a foreign kid would feel, made her shit down. She learned more than she admits but I doubt she’ll choose it as her high school foreign lang requirement.

        I’m so old that my first computer programming class counted as my college foreign lang requirement!!

        I recall telling Jr coworkers that I couldn’t get a degree i programming. They screamed about gender discrimination. I had to explain that it didn’t exist yet!!

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      4. Yeah it depends on how the school approaches it. Obviously they did not do well 🙄

        Funny that they counted computer language as foreign language lol… technically they are not wrong 😄😄

        I know so much was different – once upon a time 😮😳 crazy!!


    1. Thank you ❤️

      I would think they would teach the full language

      English must be horrible!!! So many rules lol

      Also we don’t have grammatical gender – we do have nouns that classify gender but not our verbs.

      I always found it odd when I was taking Spanish that the speech and verbs would be adjusted to gender, that was so weird to me.

      I think it’s definitely a good thing to teach the full language and to start young… the United States needs to incorporate that better!! We don’t typically… the foreign language does not enter until high school – around age 14. And you are only required to take 2 years.

      So important now to know more that one language!! And can aid in life!! We don’t take it serious enough – our schools need it set up better.

      Other countries are way ahead of us in that aspect!

      Thank you for sharing the info ❤️❤️❤️😘🥰❤️

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      1. You are very welcome. Yes, the world is getting smaller and future generations will really benefit from having some fluency in another language. I think the way languages are taught might need improving though – and that’s the value of engaging, interested teachers 😉
        Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. No you are not wrong you think right atleast for India. we have been taught as foreign language from junior classes, from the first day of our school lol. And we do practise about all the grammers of that language. In high school you are free to choose another foreign language than English but whatever you choose you have to study english as compulsory subject. And also we don’t use languages just for convo rather we go in depth of the language. there are many drama of shakespeare we are used to read in our high school days and play infront of the whole school. The day we played any drama from foreign language we call it “The fancy drama days”. There are particular days of school which are only dedicated for praise and potray foreign languages and culture. Marks are also given to the best performed group to the worst performed group and these marks are added to the annual result sheet. So yah atleast In India we don’t learn english or any foreign language just for convo we are try to learn it from the core with all the rules of that particular language. But again our educational structure is not always good. We have been taught so much history in a particular topic before going to depth on it. In some cases the technique is more important than knowing history as a result some of the students those who are technical they have lost their interest to that subject. But again this system also offer us to know a topic from it’s core.

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    1. I think is good to learn from the core!!

      English must be hard, because it has a lot of rules … and lol oh my goodness with Shakespeare – while a classic – the way they spoke back then can be weird lol

      That is really cool though!! We have those drama days too but with English lol … we did plays too.

      Our educational structure lacks in a few areas… foreign language is highly lacking – we don’t typically start until high school, only 2 years are required and it’s not really focused on like it should be. That’s why most here only speak English

      If all countries could take lessons from each other with education… we would have such an incredible educational base!’

      Foreign language is sooo very important – we have to structure that better over here!!

      So yay!!! I was right!! I can’t wait to tell them lol 😘❤️✌️

      Thank you very much for the info ❤️❤️❤️🥰😘❤️❤️✌️


    1. When I was in school… many many many years ago lol… I took Spanish for 2 years… was just conversational Spanish … the basic basic Spanish… I can ask “hi how are you?” And also say “I am fine thank you” 😄

      I can say a few other things but it’s been so long and literally was the simplest form of Spanish

      2 years is only what they require. Other countries handle foreign language WAY better!


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