Car Question…

Ok… woo hoo! Totally adulting and kicking it out of the park… woo hoo!!

But I have question…

Ok so … I have done vehicle transfer online and also new title request… and registration – yay woo hoo!!

Also added vehicle onto insurance …

Ok new car just needs to be smogged 🤨😏 bleh smog

But whatever – I will get that done today! boom and boom

Now my question pertains to my little Toyota … ??? What do I do with it??

So let me see… what my options be?

I could list on eBay or craigslist and “part” it out … meaning sell parts off of it… cause I know some of those parts are worth money – catalytic converter is about $160-$200 just for that.

So I could “part” it out … but now that would mean I have to deal with god knows who?? 😮 would like to not be killed (or hit on or whatever else) I’m sure would be fine – I’m just a weirdo like that ✌️

I could have a friend put it on Facebook marketplace (I will not do that myself) but same thing as above.

OR… there is a pick and pull 🤨 for the ENTIRE car they will give me $163 🤨 lol … even if I drive it there

I can’t really sell it as a vehicle… because it has that cracked block??

So?? Hmm… what to do???

What would you do??

Any advice? What do I do with it?? 😳?? Ideas??

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  1. Don’t put yourself through the hassle of parting it out as you will still have the remainder to dispose of eventually. Maybe a garage will buy it and they can strip it out? I know you’ll not get much but surely more than 163. What a weird price!

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    1. That is a weird price and it still runs – it’s just iffy … there are parts still worth money so it is more than $163… but I guess that’s how they make their money?

      I am going to try a few options and see how that goes 😳🙏 like eBay motors and Craigslist

      Leendadll gave me some info I am going to look into and see what that’s all about

      More stuff for me to do lol but whatever … the money would help at moment

      Maybe I ask the smog guy today when I go to do that

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  2. I donated my dead car to public radio. They took care of everything… sent me the donation receipt after sale. They got at least 2x more than I would have, which became a tax writeoff for me. Doesn’t work if you don’t itemize deductions but if you think you won’t get much money it could simply be good karma.

    Otherwise, I’d check out one of the major resell chains (CarMax) and see what they offer.

    The internet recommends ebay Motors, followed by Craigslist,, CarGurus, and AutoTrader, in that order.

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    1. Yeah – I do not itemize my taxes … so would not help me in that area.

      I would totally do the good karma thing if every penny didn’t count right at this moment – I have donated other vehicles in past … but I kinda really need the money currently

      Ok I will check eBay motors to start… thank you very much for the info ❤️❤️❤️

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