Why I cried…

Partly I cry because while I share a lot that goes on, and I have kinda told my story somewhat… but the details are gruesome and horrific so those I have trouble with. They make me cry, it makes me sensitive

Ok well, this past weekend, I emailed my lawyer and just said I would have to cancel today’s appt because the retainer would be gone after this appointment. So unless he gets another court order to have his fees paid… there was nothing I could do. I would rather he do that than meet with me, so he could still help me.

Right away he message me back and said please keep the appointment – the only way to get answers is to come in.

Ok well whatever – it be gone anyway, so I listened and went in. At this point, ya know, is what is… so ok. I really don’t have a lot of faith or trust in lawyers or court or anything pertaining. I had explained my situation to him, and he still wanted to see me – so ok…

My ex is supposed to be paying a certain amount of support and he is court ordered to – but he does not… he pays a little but not even $1000… he makes ALOT – I do not, not at all.

So… anyway… in the office with this lawyer he ask me… has he ever answered to anything? …cause there is nothing in this file for him to answer anything

I said no. That has never ever been done… only to me, and I had to do back flips with that.

So… because he now has the house in his mothers name, as well as vehicles he has bought… etc etc

He will now have to answer an inquisition of many questions and we will subpoena all bank statements, credit card statements, 401k, all of those types of things, since date of separation… he is going to have to explain and prove everything!!!

Also we are going to attach his wages and that will go retroactive. Meaning his wages will be garnished to back pay everything owed

We will also be submitting a new support request based on the dissolution master?? I dunno thats what he called it – cause he is not paying enough.

So we see … my hopes really aren’t that high because #1… I don’t know that he will answer… this lawyer will go after him if he doesn’t though – I got a good one!!! #2 I dunno – we just see, I still don’t really believe or trust?

And we are going to ask for legal fees as well, but until then he say … even if you can just send $10… I will stay with you , work for you, help you, and make sure you are ok ❤️❤️❤️ so I cried 😢

He doesn’t panic me, I feel at ease, he isn’t mean and doesn’t bully ❤️ and he’s so smart and knows how to handle this!!!!

I don’t just feel like “another case oh well” … he actually is trying to help me ❤️

So that went well… like I said I cried…

As I was leaving…

I don’t know if you remember?? When I first got this lawyer?

The first time I ever called the office… the man who answered… he was kind and listened and then stopped me and said “hang on let me stop you right there and tell you that we are a Christian law firm”

When he had said that?? I didn’t know what he meant???

So I asked … does that mean you won’t take my case? I’m Catholic does that help? Is that ok?? I don’t want to switch or anything 🙏

He laughed and he said “no what I mean is, we actually care about our clients” ❤️ so ya know – when he said that to me, I just… I knew this lawyer was the one I wanted – however it turned out – I knew this was the right choice.

So anyway – I never forgot what he said… and his smiling face was the first face I see usually when I get there. He is always very kind and sweet! I just like him. I feel at ease?

Today when I got there, he was not there. No one was – I had to ring a bell 🛎… and then my lawyer came and brought me back.

I didn’t see that guys smiling face when I got there today. But whatever. I’m just used to seeing him there when I go in, and he’s always so kind.

Anyway… I went in, had the appointment with lawyer, like I told you…

And then I went to leave… when leaving… suddenly he is there… my face was already tear stained, but as I walked into the room – he stood up

And he said, Trisha! Is so good to see you, you look really good…

I smiled and went to say thank you, but before I could say anything he continued speaking …

He said… Trisha! Hi how are you???

I said “Good, was wondering where you were cause you weren’t there when I got here today”

He said “yeah I know, I actually took a lunch today, but I was disappointed and thought I missed you”

I just kinda laughed and said “yeah missed your smile too!”… I do not know him, and he does not know me… it’s just the kindness he always shows – I know I’m just a client – but he is sweet.

And then he kinda started speaking and said… “I kinda know a little bit about your case, and first off I want to say how sorry I am for everything you went through (so that instantly made me tear up) and I just want you to know how amazing you are and you are such a strong woman!”

Ok well yeah that did it and made me tear even more, I smiled and said thank you but I could feel the tears running down my cheeks under that full face mask.

I just smiled and wanted to get out because I knew I was gonna cry with that… and I did. Was hard to make it to the car!

That was really sweet to say … but it does make me cry. Just sensitive ya know.

So… I finally have the help now… however it goes now… I will be content with that.

When I go to see this lawyer – I might cry… but afterwards I feel peace ❤️

The other lawyers – made me feel panic all the time… and bullied… they never took time with me or tried to help… I have never had the peace like I do here… and I have also never had a lawyer actually care before … and actually work and do things to help!! I am impressed ❤️ ok so they aren’t all bad. There are some good ones – like I suppose with everything.

The lawyer has me say a prayer with him after we visit. At first was a little weird – not so much now, I kinda like it . It kinda feels peaceful

And I also remember making the comment here on the blog… this would either make me believe or not… so hmm… I do believe in god. But I’m just severely private with it. That is for me and me alone. I keep to myself with that and I be me… you be you.

But I will say…

I kinda see the warmth of god through this? I dunno so whatever – hard to explain

We see.


11 thoughts on “Why I cried…

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    1. Yeah well… the first lawyer took off with money and didn’t protect me at all – never filed one thing… then all the deaths happened and my cancer and my mother – I couldn’t fight everything … he took advantage of that so you know the story mostly

      This is first time in all this time… that I have actually been able to fight and have someone good helping me. ❤️ so that in itself is very touching ❤️ it’s been just horrific so yeah is touching

      I am so glad I found and picked THIS one!! Was meant to be ❤️

      So far so good… I won’t say working out until it does. Ya know – don’t count those chickens before they hatch ✌️

      But yeah… this how broken the system is to have just allowed the things he did!! I’m still shocked – it is sad things can go like that!

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  1. You are very sensitive, gentle, nice and beautiful from inside and out. Definitely there some evil but sometime we do our karma back some are goods and some are bads. You have lots of good karmas and this one is the result of your good karmas. You are kind and you deserve to get kindness from other. I wish you all the strength, happiness and prosperity. I know you are a fighter and one day you will definitely win the game❤️Stay strong stay healthy as well.❤️

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    1. Awww 🥰🥰🥰 that was really very sweet to say ❤️

      I do believe in karma… very much…

      Not that I ever do anything to have anything come back to me… but I feel you have to just be a good person … have compassion and care for others ❤️

      And in life bad things will happen – that’s not always due to karma… sometimes those bad things are because we need lessons… either we need to learn something or life wants to prepare us for what is coming…

      I do have good karma, and I am a fighter lol… ❤️❤️

      I don’t need to win any game, but I know what you mean ❤️… kindness and compassion and the right thing are very important to me. It has not been easy going through everything… I had no protection and was left to the wolves kinda…

      What he did, I would never let a complete stranger experience – Nevermind the mother of my children…

      But here finally, we see. Good vs evil so… guess 2020 does that lol

      He will have to explain now

      You words were very kind and very touching ❤️ thank you very much

      I hope you are doing well… and your family – hope your mom is doing good!! Hope you are staying safe!! 🙏❤️

      With love ❤️ from America 🇺🇸


      1. The 3rd parrah is so true and exactly what i feel so. Your thinking is so much similar to me. We just need to be a good human that’s it the rest gonna deciede by the positive entity or ” god”whatever you call.
        Yah I’m fine, my mother is way better than previous days. Last day the assistant came to my home and he just cleaned up all the wounds and cut the stiches but the wounds are yet more time to heal. So she is gonna take full rest for further 15 days. Hope she will able to work soon.
        Hope your health is doing well. I don’t say again to stay strong because you already are rather I say you to stay safe and be yourself and be the kindest and charming. Most importantly be the own boss i know you are. ❤️Anyway good night for you have a nice sleep❤️lol for me this is morning lol this is funny again. Anyway go to bed and have nice sleep❤️

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      2. Yes I believe when you put out positive vibes and be kind and have compassion – has to be sincere, not with a motive or gain … just sincere… but what you put out is what comes back and surrounds you ❤️

        Well I hope she heals well 🙏 I’m glad to hear she is doing better ❤️

        You are so sweet ❤️ you are also kind and charming lol… you have a beautiful soul – I think I have said that to you before … but you soul is beautiful! ❤️

        I will stay as safe as I can 🙏🙏🙏 I’m always in a mask… all the time… and I am careful washing hands and I keep a sanitizer with me always, and I do keep distance from people

        Hopefully that all keeps me safe 🙏

        Please stay safe yourself and keep your family safe too!! 🙏🙏🙏

        Yes I have to get to bed soon lol … I should be in bed right now – but I kinda want to do quickie post on something 😄✌️😘❤️

        Gonna do that really fast and then off to bed for me! Lol … enjoy your morning lol ❤️ I really love how funny that is 😄❤️

        Can you imagine the jetlag either I would have visiting you or you would have visiting me? Lol … adjusting to the different time lol


      3. Yes I can totally imagine that jetlag lol. whenever i will visit to your country I have to count extra 2 days in my package because of the jetlag and i don’t want to explore in sleepy eyes lol.😂

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