I cried

Ok… so I cried … I picked the right lawyer!! ❤️ wait til you hear ❤️ he listens and he helps and he cares – the first lawyer who ever did that ❤️ … I guess they are not all bad ❤️ I wish I had him from the beginning!

I am still crying… I have to go find shoes 👟 … I kinda don’t even want to do that whew but I need to… I have no shoes to do stuff with

I was going to wear my daughters but I didn’t … I put them on and they are size 6 so they are small – I wear a size 7 or 7 1/2 … and her shoes on me just looked like I was trying to be a teenager so no!! I kinda got dressy… I am wearing black jeans, my black boots and a nice top.

Anyway… I cried and I can’t stop crying. Wait til you hear everything

Let me go find shoes 👟 I wanna get that done.

I will be back once I get home.

Whew – breathe

Btw it went good. Really good.

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      1. Hahaha aww lol… well family teases are kind of endearing ❤️ – my uncle used to tease me about stuff too lol (I have a lot of freckles 🤨😄)

        My feet are smaller and I STILL trip on them 😄✌️

        Size does not matter lol ❤️

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      2. Hahaha oh yes … well brother or sister teasing can make one mad lol

        That’s so funny – not to sound old or anything but “back in my day” 😄✌️… we did not have a quick camera or phone to sneak photos like today

        It would just be a circle of teasing lol … until finally someone got told on 😄✌️

        I can not even imagine how many photos we would have if we had that then 😄😄… we do have funny stories we reminisce about when we are together or get to talk ❤️

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      3. Yes, it can lol

        Yeah, I hear that a lot from my parents so I’m used to it lol

        Yeah, we never had any electronics when I was younger. We, just had a box TV😂 no phones no nothing.

        Well, you have the memories that’s what counts!💕

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      4. Yes the memories of growing up together are awesome … even if we frustrated each other from time to time … my brother and sister do not get along very well – they annoy each other even still 🤨🙄 but whatever I get along with them both.

        I still hold the big sister card 😄❤️ I have the most stories lol – I make sure to remind them of that 😄✌️

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      5. That’s cute 😄❤️ you sound very close to them… make sure you guys keep that going as adults!! Very important and you will appreciate having each other through life ❤️

        I had the most adorable older women come in the other day – there were 3 of them and they all very close – was so sweet and endearing to see them together ❤️ they had just lost their dad – but those girls were so close and worked together really well … very sweet, all agreed. Was really touching watching them together ❤️

        I am close with mine – but like I said – they fight lol … not me… my brother and sister 🤨🙄 they are like 4 years apart – never got along – ever 🤨✌️

        But I keep em both close and they will tolerate for family ❤️ they both really stubborn lol

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      6. I will! I won’t let our relationship go down hill….. I promise!

        Aww, they sound like they had a good childhood together!

        Yeah, haha siblings will fight lol yes, I am super close to my older sis but not my oldest sis. She is 12 years older then me…. And its just a whole complicated situation why I’m not close to her

        That’s good keep them close💕

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      7. My own kids are severely close ❤️❤️❤️ they never fight, they love each other’s company… I’m so glad and makes me have peace knowing they always have each other ❤️

        My oldest son is 12 years older than my daughter

        So your oldest sister has to be around 26? Cause my daughter is about your age… she is 13 but turns 14 on December 16th

        And there is one in between them… “19” he is 5 years older than daughter, and my oldest is 7 years older than 19 yr old


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      8. That’s great its never good to fight cause your never getting anywhere.

        Oh same as my oldest sis

        Yes, she is 25.

        The, reason I never been so close is because my sister left the house when I was 6 I think? Because she was an adult so she could leave then. And well, my mom told me that she didn’t love us anymore and that wasn’t true…. My mom was keeping us from her.

        See, my family is messed up and they were very abusive to my oldest sister. My dad one time took her by the hair and slammed her face into the table till her nose bled! And he’s not even her real dad. She’s our half sister but we don’t like to think that. But, he slammed her face into the table just because she didn’t eat her food!! And they claim their Christian! Not everyone is perfect and Christians definitely aren’t but you don’t do that to your child!

        If you want to continue this we can in private by email. You can contact me through my contact page.

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      9. Well families do have issues sometimes – like you say no one perfect. All families have something.

        I will message tmrw cause is getting late and I have to finish this up soon – my eyes getting very heavy – I’m not gonna last much longer 😘❤️

        But I will do that tmrw 😊✌️

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      10. Good morning ☀️

        I can’t figure out how to find the “about me” page for people?? I use the app … I don’t do a lot of technology stuff … I had kids for that 😄😄 I’m kidding but kinda does work that way 😄✌️

        The email I use most is

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      11. Hahaha … can you do that on the app?

        When I go to your name by clicking on it – I shows me all your posts… and that’s it lol

        The I try to search with some search bar and I still can not find it

        So I have to be on computer? I am probably just not looking right ??

        I will keep trying lol

        You sound very good with the tech 😄 that is good to have cause for jobs later that will be helpful for you

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      12. I found it some how but I don’t know how I did that – I had to somehow open your page differently?

        Ugh they make it so difficult!

        I don’t use the computer for WP – only the app

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