Easy like Sunday Morning

Let’s pick this today…


Yes that one ❤️ … my ride in today was awesome! Clear sailing on my highways – looks like people sleeping in today lol

And then so far – knock on wood… it’s easy like Sunday morning …

You know how you have those days that are just insane and you forget about “breathing”… and then you have those days where you can take a deep breath ❤️ ahhhhhh

I should be all by myself… hopefully no one dies, maybe get work done

Hopefully nothing pops off 🙏

In the meantime… I totally find these SNL political things really funny 😄😄❤️ omg … ahhh America 🤨😄 🇺🇸✌️


They make fun of them so hilariously 😄… and I love that we can laugh about it!

We are coming close to the election 😳 – better laugh now!! ✌️

Alright well I’m gonna go breath in Sunday morning ❤️ get my work done 😘

Enjoy your Sunday ❤️✌️ or Monday or whatever wherever you are lol


Only take my breath away GOOD… NOT bad!!! Just in the good way only!! Lol

17 thoughts on “Easy like Sunday Morning

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  1. I’m trying to skip the SNL cold openings cause I really can’t tolerate an iota of politics, not even making fun of it. And I don’t like Jim Cary’s Biden.

    I thought the “ebay commercial” was fantastic. I keep forgetting to look it up to post

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    1. I am not usually a Jim Cary fan… he’s just too off the hook usually… even back in the day on “In Living Color”

      I did like the Truman Show… and Bruce Almighty was funny 😄😄✌️ … I like things here and there

      We have another debate on Thursday – oh and did you hear… each candidate get 2 uninterrupted minutes for themselves while others mic be turned off? So that’s gonna be fun to watch and make fun of

      It’s just so crazy with the politics antics lately – I like laughing with it… if I post them – just ignore ✌️

      And hahahaha “preBay” lol

      That’s funny!!


      1. I don’t play the vid reposts. As much as they annoy me, I end up seeing the cold openings. I gave last Sat 8 minutes while I watched something else. I was so annoyed that they went 10min that I had my sound off for most of the show.

        You’re right… the muted mics is going to be a mess and might actually prove entertaining. When it was first proposed, a lot of people said Cheato will prob yell loud enough to remain a distraction and be heard on Biden’s mic.

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      2. Yeah there are occasions where they will take something and run WAY over with it lol … I have always loved SNL though ❤️

        Hahaha… Trump says he will be a good little boy 😄😄 yeah ok… also don’t trust that. He can’t hold himself back!! And he does have a loud big mouth.. I wonder if he will talk about his experience with corona 😄😄

        Oh just so many things possible for Thursday!! It just gives SNL ammo!


      3. Hahahaha omg he just kills me!! Did you hear him beg suburban women to just like him?? 😄😄 “please just like me” 😄😄

        Yeah nothing out of his mouth is sincere. Nada 👎… can trust him to be sincere or speak truth so whatever

        At least he likes himself lol 😄✌️


      4. Oh yes but was funny – I couldn’t believe he was literally saying “please like me”

        Just reminded me of elementary lol… but with a grown man 😮😄


      5. He always reminds me of a kid who’s face is covered in chocolate, cookie in hand, insisting they didn’t take any cookies and not understanding why no one believes them!

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