A Team Rag Doll

You would not believe the day I have had!!! Omg!!!

Never in my life have I done soooooo many docu-signs omg !! In one day!!!

So when someone dies… we have to have the families approval to go get the body … and if the body is in a hospital morgue… the family need to sign a release … so I had a lot of death calls today 😔☹️

I had to quickly post info to our care center and then get a docusign up and ready – email that to the family …

Even if you are computer illiterate … docusign is easy… I fricken love docusign!!! Great invention!!! You can be the most computer illiterate person and still do a docusign!! It is awesome!!

Once I have that, we can take custody. I had some really heart breaking ones today…

And then we are already swamped!! Like head under water…

I didn’t get home until 7pm… but one of my arrangers texted me and said who said to give this to me? I said no one else available / she say I already have 7… I say… well everyone else has appts too… already spoke with boss – here is the low down for Monday.

Monday will kill me! And on top of that … I have an imminent death coming too. Whew

And imminent death is one I am notified of… know is coming… but don’t know when. Be ready.

It was a crazy crazy day!! Omg

Fricken docusign made me a savior today ❤️ docusign all the way ❤️❤️❤️ I can not imagine life without docusign!!! Rockstar quality right there!

I am a pro with docusign! I have never in my life done so many in one day!! Whew

Anyway… that was crazy!! Cause once they docusign that document … I have to upload it and notify our Carecenter / go get them!

We had some really heart breaking ones – two touched me really bad… one because the family was so distraught… and the other because the woman was young – was cancer

I hate cancer – can one of you gen Z or alpha or someone find that cure? Please 🙏

I could have been her mother. She was that young… So it broke my heart cause I remember what I went through – I don’t want people going through that! … and that family is heartbroken 💔- that made my heart bleed.

Anyway … I have to switch to a lighter subject… it was so off the hook today that I kept talking to my boss who was supposed to not be working lol

It was just a lot!! Anyway… we had a talk … ya know I am attached – I love my boss – I love my girls… I have the A Team ❤️❤️❤️


They are just amazing ❤️ I just adore my people!!

The job kills me – but the people pull me in ❤️ dammit

And she said something to me that I was like kinda humbled by?

I’ll mention later not tonight – but I have an amazing boss! I enjoy every single person I work with ❤️ I will mention later – maybe tmrw if I get a easy Sunday morning 🙏

Currently I have to get to bed – I feel like a rag doll flung around after today 😳

Whew 😥

I have to get to bed ✌️😘

Ps… look at this old hearse… this is a real photo from one of my funeral homes from around the turn of the century… 1900

The photo quality I took is bad but the original photo is incredible!!! My how times have changed ✌️ that is a horse drawn hearse from one of my funeral homes back in the day 😮😮😮 whoa!!

I am not sure how often I be around, at least til Tuesday … cause if tmrw is like today – and then Monday is gonna just completely bury me ☹️😔 whew

I be back when can ✌️❤️


Bleh morbid I know- sorry – been around it all day ✌️😘

And pps… yeah I really work with amazing people ❤️ all of them – even some I work with – but I have never actually met them ❤️

Ok good night 😘❤️✌️ 😴

8 thoughts on “A Team Rag Doll

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  1. So imagine the 1918 pandemic, 500 MILLION deaths (1/3 world population) and only horse drawn hearses… though I imagine horses were pulling loafs of bodies for mass creamation/burial.

    I hope today is easier on you!

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    1. Yes today is MUCH better – going well… but tmrw is gonna be insane 😳 scared of Monday 😳

      I can not imagine 1918! Although I will say… their funeral homes were not typically run by corporations back in the day… they were usually family owned and operated.

      Actually 500 million were “infected” … but the death count was around approximately 50 to 100 million worldwide – still ALOT!

      I am curious which country faired the worst? In the United States in the 1918 pandemic there were approximately 675,000 deaths

      It does sound horrific though 😳…


      I just hope this ends soon!!

      We hardly had many deaths back in March and April … when people were isolating and starting to wear masks… we reopening now and it goes crazy!!! Keep kids home – they infecting everyone!!!! It’s gonna get worse – 2nd wave gonna hit hard

      Schools are 🧫 Petri dishes.

      And that child gonna come home, you kiss that child goodnight or whatever else … and spread

      You can be infected and not show symptoms for awhile… average is 5-6 days… but can take 14.

      So everyone just infecting everyone. The second wave gonna be harsh unless they hurry with vaccine but even still you have to get people to take it and get it yourself – that will take awhile also

      My family was in Massachusetts during that 1918/1919 time period – not Boston – but Worcester and Framingham … none of the people in my family died of that ?? I have seen the death certificates cause I do the genealogy (or used to)

      In Worcester approx 932 to 1,700 people died during that

      Framingham had possibly only 118 deaths, the lowest in the country, during that time, or so they say … but that was because Tuberculosis was a problem at that time… a paper was published in 1917 on how to prevent – and so they used those techniques

      Framingham has always been a well to do area… Worcester was more of a hard working mill type area

      So I guess social class also?

      I know from my family’s death certificates from those time periods – a few died of TB prior to that 1918 flu

      The last TB death in my family was 1939. But none died of the flu ever


      1. I’m not sure about Spanish Flu deaths in my family. I know my G-Ma had 4 bothers who didn’t live but I don’t know when they were born. She lived through the flu, roaring 20s, depression, and dust bowl… which was what finally drove her to Cali. I can’t imagine.

        Thx for correcting my numbers, I knew that didn’t sound right!

        I can’t imagine what people are thinking… going forward with reopenings when 38 states are seeing surges. Cali is one of the few places that’s currently considered stable but still running at 4% infection when the goal is <1%.

        Long Beach had more infections and deaths than ALL of Japan but they're considering re-closure while we're re-opening. Gaahhh!!

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      2. I can’t imagine 1918 either – because of the medical technology and technology in general – and the way they lived… plumbing electrical all that stuff we totally take for granted!!

        It is insane… they do not seem careful with reopening – I’m sorry would cause inconvenience to people – but if they truly want to reopen safely … they are NOT using proper safe guards such as temperature taking, contact tracing and distancing etc

        We gonna see another surge… and I see cases more and more

        Ugh and then the election omg … so I dunno… is what is with this virus… whatever is going to be – will be 😔😞

        Maybe future generations be smarter… 🙏


      1. Yeah well… I am strong through whatever 💪

        It’s just a moment – and time period with what going on.

        I will handle it… I am strong like that. (Most of the time)

        Thank you though 😘✌️

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