Guardian Angel?

Good morning – I will have to make this fast… it is Monday 😳

I already know the moment I go to work its going to be insane. (Hopefully doesn’t kill me!)

Yesterday was really nice – peaceful and I got work done…

Also do you ever feel like maybe you have a guardian angel? I have good karma, and I am lucky with certain things?

Since was just peaceful yesterday – I had everything ready and done to shut down at exactly 5pm and sprint out of there…

Typically I try to leave as soon as possible before anything else happens lol

And I was ready to go yesterday … but I slowplayed it … I dragged my feet…

Even I thought that was odd behavior for me… I had everything ready… I could have left on the nose, at exactly 5pm and was what I had planned to do…

But then I just took my time… 5pm hit… shut down phones … and then just totally mosey’ed along

On my way home, traffic was not too bad… there was still traffic but was not crazy.

There are about 5-6 lanes? I think 6? But I have 2 lanes I usually always just use cause I can’t stand the others lol ✌️ I am a creature of habit with my little things.

But last night – I took a totally different lane?? I knew that was odd too? But felt more ?? I dunno? Safe?

Well I did not see the accident actually happen, because I was a ways back… but I saw car parts fly all over the highway and it turned into a parking lot instantly… ALL 6 lanes!!

I checked CHP later and said was 3 cars (in my 2 lane area) – non injury crash- but complaints of pain

If I had left on time and did my normal things – it would have put me in that vicinity at that very moment 😮

Yes I know was my own actions – but my actions were not usual so that was just weird? Even when I was doing those actions it felt weird… I usually always have same movements – but I didn’t yesterday which was highly unusual… it made me even feel “off”… but I did different anyway… Guardian angel? Cause that sorta happens to me every so often where I think something is kinda protecting me? Anyway was just a weird night

Talked to my sister, and then my mom… I have to call my brother – at some point – nothing going on- but we just catch up ❤️ how we stay connected ✌️

Ok today will be insane crazy… I’m not gonna be around at all – I’m sure … because of Friday and Saturday – today is just going to be insane … and if more comes today – omg … where is that guardian angel?? Lol … please let us handle it ok 🙏🙏🙏🙏 (we always do… but we run around like chickens with our heads cut off in many directions … and the stress level is insane!) So… relax … breathe… and here comes fricken Monday!!

I should be back after work 🙏 ok have to run ✌️

16 thoughts on “Guardian Angel?

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    1. Was an odd evening!!
      Glad no one was seriously hurt in that accident – and glad to be safe also 😊

      Thank you very much 🥰 – I am doing good… hope you are doing well yourself ✌️

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  1. My guardian angel was in college… had me buttlagg after class and turn away from a solid glass wall to talk with people I never noticed before… right as someone jumped from the building where my next class was located. Under normal circumstances, I would have been right under them.

    I take the “guardian angel” attitude about lots of things that upset me… road rage stuff, etc… figuring that maybe they’re keeping me from being in an accident.

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    1. Oh wow!! Yeah I have had these things happen before with other things also. Including during my cancer things 😮 something protects me from dying… it is not my time yet. I hope that angel stays around for awhile 🙏

      Also… my Bday has repeating numbers (7’s) so that’s always been a thing to me… but that’s my birthday so I always like that one …

      But recently… every single time I look at clock it’s exactly 11:11 or 1:11 … the 1 thing is constant recently!! 🤨


      1. For most of my adult life (I’m talking back to 18yrs old), I see 12:34.

        I remember telling my sis that it was always 12:34am when I got home. One night she saw it was 12:33 and laughed that I was wrong. Then I pulled up and walked in the door at 12:34!!

        You’re supposed to make it wishes in 11:11.

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      1. I would have harness all the time … as well as a helmet ⛑ and knee pads, elbow pads … just wrap me in bubble wrap lol – hoist me up lol

        When my 18 was a little boy 🤨… he literally would scale my kitchen cabinets 🤨😮 before he could even walk he be doing that and I walk in and he’s way up high 😮😱 omg

        I couldn’t get him to stop and that terrified me!!

        So I sprayed “Pam” … the nonstick cooking spray, all over my cabinets lol… that worked ✌️😄❤️

        But he was my climber 😳

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      2. Hahaha 😄

        I am the type that should probably be wrapped in bubble wrap normally – never mind climbing lol

        Although that was when I was fast… now that I’m slower it’s a little better ✌️😘

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