The meeting

Today I go to the mothership lol … of funeral homes lol

I know that’s not exciting but to me it kind of is 😄 so weird … but I have heard so much about it!!

And they are meeting me regarding a full time position they have… I hope they like me and I hope I am what fits and I hope it’s what I want … we shall see

Please let this go well 🙏

I am little nervous because have never been there before… she told me yesterday – park to the right… be a fountain on left… text when you get here cause we keep doors locked lol

We all keep our doors locked because is just how we do, you usually ring a bell lol … makes it creepier lol just kidding … is just how we do. Lol

Unless you families or having service there is not a lot of foot traffic to funeral homes lol 😄✌️

There is some joke they like to say “people are dying to get in” 🤨😄😄

Or they also say … we put the fun in funeral 🤨😄😄

Whatever they are funny 😄❤️ I tell you… they are funny!!

I hope they are like my girls… 🙏 funny and enjoyable to work with!!

I have spoken to some of the people there on phone… they seem cool – we will see.

Ps here is a remix 😄😘✌️

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