Learning experience

So that was a learning experience… not all stores know how to do the grocery pick up.

Walmart has it down!! I have never had one issue, problem or waiting with them. Boom they on it!! They have staff just for that, and how they schedule is so easy… you pick time and they text you is ready, come on down. You park in numbered spaces and the app notifies them you are here and it asks what spot you have parked in… you enter the number and then there they are. Wicked easy!! No issues ever!!!

Target however – fail – that was literally the absolute worst grocery pick up service I have ever experienced!! Completely!!

There were no numbered spaces just special spots … you enter you vehicle color and type (ie. Sedan/suv/truck/ whatever)

They don’t look very organized with what is what and wait times are horrendous!! Whoa!! The wait times alone are really bad!!!! They are the worst I have ever ever experienced

The apologized – which is fine I wasn’t mad … I was annoyed that they loaded my car with half the order and said hang on let me make sure you are all set and came back and told me yup you all set…

I thought that was too little ??? So I figure I better pull over and double check before getting all the way home … and sure enough half the order was missing!! So I had to drive back and tell them they missing half the order and they say … oh yes we saw that after 🤨

So that makes me not ever want to use them again… the wait time and not getting things right.

I could have gone in the store myself and been faster and gotten everything myself… I use these services to not do that and not be around people

And I’m sorry if you don’t think covid is a threat – whatever believe whatever you want … but I am not taking chances after having had cancer myself and having many elderly people I be around. No way

I see it in my funeral homes and nope – I would rather stay out of stores – I want least possible exposure

I will continue to use the ones I know for sure know how to provide this service.

That was a definite fail … if I was a secret shopper they would have failed in every part!!

They had plenty of time to have it sorted and ready. Have never ever experienced such a bad service. What’s up with that Target?? Won’t be back. ✌️

I’m not going to chance having to wait forever and then also having to make sure I have the order I placed … that was a terrible experience.

When I got there it was still light out … when I left was dark. 🤨

Whatever – learning experience … stick to what you know is good and works

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    1. Well I clicked to let them know I was on my way and takes me like 30 minutes to get there … plus I ordered HOURS prior!!

      So there really is not an excuse? It was a major disappointment!! Any other store I have used has been spot on with their pick up… I have never had it be so bad!! Lesson learned – avoid them at all costs lol

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      1. I’ve seen the room my local Target uses for non-food orders and it’s a clusterF, always takes them 10min to find my order. I can only imagine what it looks like in an area full of identical shopping bags!!

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      2. I think I’m going to have to suck it up and actually go in a store and shop.

        I’m guessing that the local Amazon food location either had a lot of freezers/fridges go down, stopped selling those types of products due to complaints from people (groceries left on porch and thawing), or they opened the location to the public and can’t keep up with demand. No matter the reason, it sucks for me!! I dread the idea of getting to checkout and having to tell the cashier to remove all items which aren’t EBT approved!!

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      3. I do that sometimes, rarely but if I just really need something or have pushed it too long or just need one or 2 things… I just suit up, and stay away from people as much as possible. Or try to 🤨 people do not always keep social distance which is why I hate going in to begin with.

        Hmm 🤔 let me Google if there is a list… there has to be a list – that would be a pain in the ass and also embarrassing … let me Google that


      4. That makes it tough!! They point out what is gluten free… they can’t do that with ebt?

        I wonder if they do that in lower income areas? Point out what is approved and what is not

        Hopefully the article helps “some”?? But it still doesn’t list specific

        Does it list things online when you order online?

        I ask because could you make your list online and then just remove what is not approved but don’t place the order? Only take your list?


      5. Only Amazon clearly indicates what is EBT-approved. I hope they eventually add a filter for it, and for “only show me items in stock”… each would save me a ton of time!!

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      6. Amazon also let’s me repeat an entire previous order, while indicating what is no longer available. But soooo much is currently out of stock, or on one day and gone the next, that it’s hardly worth using that option. I like to make a list over a week or 2 then place a large order but lately that’s a huge fail.

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      7. Could you make the list using Amazon- but instead take that list to store? Instead of ordering through Amazon?? That way you know what is or is not approved? Sorta? Maybe?

        Would that work?

        Too bad you don’t have someone who could shop for you


      8. Prepared foods!!
        My issue has been that some products have 1 brand, or 1 variety, approved while the rest are not… like Pepsi, Coke, and Mtn Dew but not Dr Pepper. I like a brand of precooked shredded beef but think it’s not covered… except Prime suddenly had the same company’s BBQ shredded beef and it was covered by EBT. I don’t see any clear patterns. I mean, even the “no fast food” rule now has a zillion exceptions. The only rules that seem firm are no non-food/drink and no alcohol!

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      9. Yeah they do not seem very clear or specific

        Some accept things some don’t? Weird

        Would be good for a news channel to do a story on that so people would know

        I just watched this video…


        Hopefully you can see… he doesn’t really add any other videos about shopping or cooking cause I kinda glanced at his videos… I didn’t see any others like he said he was gonna add?

        However is a good system he has… you would just have to gear around tastes you like

        I have some really cheap recipes for when you are low on food – they are easy and cheap and don’t take extensive ingredients … just to get you through with things to eat while don’t have a lot of money … I will post some of those

        They are nothing special but simple recipes to fill your belly for the moment, or get you by… if you be interested in those posts I’ll do that


      10. My version of a “fancy” meal is adding veggies to ramen, or jam to a pb sandwich. I don’t really cook anymore… like sex, ot’s too much effort for too little reward!

        I also found it weird that, it seems, some grocery stores don’t take food stamps. I can’t be 100% sure but using Amazon’s filter for Whole Foods, rather than Amazon Fresh, show no “EBT accepted” notes at all.

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      11. That doesn’t surprise me with Whole Foods – they are high end.

        Well pB&J is good… rice is awesome, spaghetti too… I also like refried beans with some seasonings in a tortilla … oatmeal too


      12. No oatmeal for me… burned out on that when instant oatmeal first came out.

        Spaghetti & rice = “cooking & cleaning”, so I don’t do that much. But when I start, I’ll eat either for days on end. I make my own refried black beans and either eat them with rice or on their own.

        Tonight was “fancy” cheese sandwich: bread, 3 slices of Kraft singles, AND honey mustard (adding a condiment makes it “fancy”). No dishes!!

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      13. Hahaha no dishes huh? Microwave? Hmm 🤔

        I used to make all my meals in one day and then freeze them and heat up as needed … I just don’t have the time for that anymore

        Lots of planning involved lol

        I do simple … quick easy cheap … I work a lot so still have to provide and do good for daughter

        Yesterday I made cookies 🍪… today they were gone but I didn’t make my full batch… so I made more tonight 🙄… I was already told they be gone by tmrw lol 😄🙄 Lady make them last!!

        But I get creative … I have to hand wash dishes though – that kinda sucks – no dishwasher 😝 but oh well

        I will think – no dishes – easy, cheap and quick – little effort … let me think – I’ll come up with some stuff maybe ?


      14. No microwave. I have a toaster oven, and stovetop, but even those often strike me as more bother than they’re worth… just more dirty dishes.

        I have a countertop dishwasher but it’s so far from the hot water heater that by the time the hot water arrives the spray cycle is already done. And like most dishwashers, you have to pretty much wash everything first anyway. So now it’s mainly used to prevent me from stacking dishes in that area. But instead of causing me to wash more frequently, it’s only caused me to stack dishes on the stovetop!!

        I HATE CHORES!!!

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      15. Hahaha that’s funny … I also hate them but am completely compelled to be orderly and organized… I do have a junk drawer with no rhyme or reason that I would rather no one ever open in fears I will never get it closed again lol

        Yeah those would create more dishes and chores

        I don’t know a way around it unless have a maid lol

        Too bad you couldn’t be like the karate kid and teach neighbor girl manners through handling chores lol 😄❤️ wash on wash off lol

        But without dishes – I guess I would say stuff like what you already doing… pbj, cheese sandwiches, maybe lunch meat? Cereal? You could use disposable bowls and silverware 🥄


      16. LOL… when all the flatware gets dirty I use recyclable bamboo forks & spoons!!

        The neighborkid does some odds and ends for me when I ask. And she likes taking charge of dishing out kitty dinner even though it disgusts her (a gross looking mix of dry food, water, and canned food). When she’s good I give her lots of positive feedback and let her enjoy stupid things like throwing an unwanted newspaper onto my roof (took her several tries). But the last couple weeks, prob corresponding with her starting at private school, have been less pleasant. We’ve had a 2-night break (neither of us was into kitty dinner yesterday; tonight she got home very late) so it will be interesting to see if/when she returns.

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      17. I’m glad you give her positive feedback – that’s so good for her when she is helping and being kind!

        Stupid things are funny sometimes … once a girlfriend and I put pantyhose on our heads and just sat there laughing at each others smushed faces for hours lol 😄 I was ALOT younger but when remembering that I still laugh lol 😄❤️

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      18. I can’t appreciate the kid’s TikTok dances which all look alike, and spastic, which I’m sure is a huge disappointment to her. If she sticks with swim team (only meets once a week?) maybe I’ll go to a match to cheer her on. Parents didn’t do that in my day!

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      19. Yeah I don’t like the Tik Tok stuff myself … reminds me of vines which I also never really liked lol

        Swim team is awesome – I bet she would be proud to have you there and show you!!

        My parents came to all our things ❤️ I am the oldest though so my brother is 5 years younger and sister is 9 years younger … sometimes they couldn’t come to mine because they were too little or had some issue… one of them always came if not both… they were always supportive


      20. It really wasn’t common for parents to attend stuff at my high school. I didn’t miss them cause no one else’s patents attended either.

        I don’t think neighborkid is going to do well if she’s not the best swimmer or loses races. I don’t think she’s been taught that she’s not always first.

        I just remembered that she might be mad at me because I mentioned ice cream sandwiches would be in my Amazon order. She asked me to save her one and I said no… reminding her that she ate 3 in front of me, without sharing, a few days earlier. She could not believe I was serious. Geez kid… both your parents work and recently inherited money and bought an extremely expensive car. I’m literally broke and on food stamps. Get yer own damn food!!

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      21. Well if she hasn’t been taught manners, or losing sometimes and being a good sport (hopefully swim teacher and other kids help with that?) … but she doesn’t sound like she would know the value of a dollar either if no one is teaching her these things

        It probably does not cross her mind about the money… only the ice cream sandwiches … but still sharing is a quality to be taught also. Comes in to the empathy and compassion thing again. That’s a huge thing to instill in a child and it doesn’t seem like they have done that.

        She is only child? If she only child and not being guided or taught, she might be going down entitled path… that will be a rude awakening later


      22. Yep… only child. And decisions are frequently left to her.

        She knows I’m broke but clearly doesn’t understand what that means. I point it out when appropriate. With the ice cream I only pointed out that she had failed to offer to share… eating all 3 in front of me. Honestly, that’s what caused me to crave and order them!!

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      23. Oh that’s trouble… later when she is teen and getting in trouble the parents will get pulled in and then try to tighten reigns / that never goes well!!

        A child of that age does need to learn about making decisions – but with guidance and not by herself!! Ohhh that’s sounds like future trouble to me. Hopefully I am wrong

        Yeah I’m gonna think she has no idea what that means – she is still at age that her parents provide everything for her… I’m sure she has no concept of money and surviving

        Also people sometimes say they broke but aren’t necessarily in position like yours – she has never experienced it… I’m sure she does not truly realize that one


      24. I anticipate a troubled future for her. I hope some subject or teacher eventually gives her focus but her home life has all the trappings of future trouble, including patents who don’t make smart money decisions. It’s their life and their choice but I was stunned that after being partially laid off by the pandemic their first choice for using an inheritance was to buy a grossly impractical car. Yay… more debt!!

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      25. Yeah that was not a smart choice.

        Being an east coaster I kinda see west coast people as trying to be impressive somehow sometimes … they like to make it seem like they doing well regardless of what actual situation is.

        Just more so that way over here I notice?

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      26. No need to come up with food ideas… I’m fine with my little junk fests. Literally everything else is “too much effort” or contains things I won’t eat (a very very long list!!). But I appreciate the thought!

        I used to be an excellent cook, both by recipe and freestyle. But both my current and my previous kitchens have horrible layouts, with no prep space (and the current kitchen has a litter box in it!) and with my stomach surgeries I pretty much quit caring if a meal was good.

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      27. Thx.
        ps: crunchy cereals only… plain (no milk) or as a yogurt topping. Very very little lunch meat… I’m not currently vegetarian but still consider most lunch meat disgusting.

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      28. Yeah I don’t like lunch meat either… my mom used to try to switch up my lunches so I didn’t have the same lunch every day … she would give me baloney – eh was alright but I tried it recently and 😝😝😝 ughhh so gross lol what the hell lol

        I typically stay away from all lunch meat myself.

        I like Cheerios ❤️ my daughter likes the sugary cereals like lucky charms – which I do like also, mainly for the marshmallows lol… she also likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch (meh I’m not a fan of that one) but she will eat Honey Nut Cheerios she likes that one… I am on her to make healthy choices … once in awhile I will let her have the others

        I do like cream of wheat too though ❤️


      29. I’m currently fond of some almond/flax seed clusters cereal that I found on Amazon. I go through phases where I’ll snack on GrapeNuts or some variety of Cheerios. I heard that Rice Krispie Treats cereal (marshmallow-y!!) is back but I haven’t seen it.

        Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a yummy booze shot… tastes just like the cereal!!

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      30. Hahaha on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch lol – I was not aware of that lol

        Ooohh that almond flax seed sounds healthy!

        I don’t like grape nuts much – too hard for me.

        Rice Krispies lol… everytime my mother bought that I poured sugar on it cause I like them in the treats but not stand alone … I have never tried the ones with marshmallow


      31. The treats cereal looks like pieces of treats… the fake marshmallow runs through them just like real rice krispie squares. They aren’t nearly as good as the real thing but they’re a good cereal!

        The shot is made with Rumchata (horchata flavoref) liqueur and I don’t know what else. Let’s see if Google knows. Oh, easy peasy… equal amounts of Rumchata and Fireball (hot cinnamon) liqueur.

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      32. Hahaha fireball lol… that was a huge seller on golf course 😄😄 that’s funny I forgot about that

        I am not familiar with Rumchata or horchata flavor


      33. Horchata is a mexican cinnamon/rice milk drink. It’s good!

        Remember Goldschlagger?? A friend got so drunk that she drank a whole bottle of it by herself. She barfed syrupy cinnamon flavored gold dust the next morn. That had to be a horrific hangover!!

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      34. OMG lol Goldschlagger lol

        That’s funny – I can not believe she was able to do whole bottle herself yikes!! No way could I ever lol

        I bet that was a horrible hangover!!

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    1. Oh wow!!! That’s awesome!! I am O+

      But I have also had Graves’ Disease and cancer so that makes me a little uneasy still. I am free of both but my system has been weakened from them.

      But that does make me feel better lol ❤️❤️❤️

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