How it plays out…

It went really amazing!! Right away I felt comfortable there … is pretty big… very elegant – luckily I also looked elegant lol ✌️

Remember the attendant I met last week… the one that was new to me?? He was right there, opened the door for me and recognized right away even with a mask lol … I instantly felt comfortable!!

I already had taken a law class with the woman interviewing me so she remembered me…

It’s true – once you are in that business … you start learning everyone else who in same business … that becomes your circle 😮

I would be handling admin for funeral services, cemetery, crematory and Maintenence services

I already know the funeral services – but the cemetery and crematory part I don’t know yet.

There is a pay increase ❤️ and just full time with benefits!! Woo hoo!

They said is different than stand alone funeral homes (which is where I am now) I only know stand alone homes – that means that no cemetery is attached to my funeral homes

Is busier than what I know cause there is cemetery and crematory things …but a lot of room for advancement and learning ALL of the aspects!!

I have some experience from my own homes – but for this I would need some classes – which is not a problem, just mentioning lol ✌️

Is 24/7 365… cause obviously… death does not care “when”. There is no specific hours for death or holidays or weekends or whatever … so they would give schedule and holidays would be worked out.

It is beautiful there, and is big… I already knew people lol

So we see … I was honest, and actually enjoyed the interview and the people so went really well… I already knew many… felt zero intimidation lol

I was only really nervous because I have never been there – but was not hard to find or figure out

So yeah we see. I want to make sure I can commit and am comfortable with that – as well as, I am a good fit for them.

Funny how life turns out

Ok I have to be getting home ✌️

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    1. Thank you 🥰❤️ yes I think I am excited? I am excited that it went very well… I wish they gave a tour so that I would feel the job type out more. But it still went really well! ❤️ was very comfortable with them, liked them!

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    1. We don’t have a Forest Lawn here … but we have several others … we have an East Lawn which is really beautiful also… in a classic way… but no those were not mine

      I have seen East Lawn though very beautiful and like I said is beautiful in a classic and elegant way…

      This place was too… reminded me of the White House 😄 and there was a full church beside it, and then the cemetery grounds

      They told me that they do not have a lot of Jewish like my funeral homes do… instead many of their families are Muslim … because we were talking about when it goes really fast. Both Jewish and Muslim have time limits for burials so you must move really fast.

      But I would get cross training and the option to go to any department!! That part is really cool…

      I have not experienced the side of the job from the cemetery aspect other than seeing a few burials… but I mean ordering the headstones or plaques… and then what’s involved on cemetery side – I just do not know.

      Is interesting

      I’m happy it went well… and I am excited? It’s definitely closer to me… the drive was easy (of course was not rush hour lol)


      1. Thank you… I just hope is the direction I am supposed to take – I take way too serious lol ✌️

        But just want to make sure I be good fit for them and they be good fit for me?

        I want my pieces to fall into place lol

        Thank you very much 🥰❤️


    1. Thank you 🥰❤️ I hope is the right decision 🙏

      I am ready to take on work always and do enjoy both the work and people.

      Just want to make sure is the correct choice for me 🙏


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