Am not a Karen but…

Never using this one again!!

They forgot half the order – I pulled over to check thank god and sure enough missing half of order – I’m not paying for half an order – so not I am back here fricken waiting 🤨 again 🤨

Fail … it’s night – it’s not busy… Walmart never has this problem!

Maybe go learn from Walmart

And no I am not a Karen 😄😄

I am just annoyed, cause what if I didn’t check? And then I go home without the things I need that I paid for?

I am nice though … won’t ever use again … but whatever just handle it

Now I’m waiting all over again!!

I feel bad for the girls… they don’t seem to really know what they doing? And don’t seem to have a system to make this work properly?? That’s the stores fault not theirs

The store is not new to this – but first time I am trying it… so far massive fail!!

So I will stick with my Walmart and just remember to order earlier

It is dark now 🤨

Bleh – still waiting

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    1. Well since I ordered late I couldn’t use my regular Walmart – which I love … cheap easy and fast… it is a neighborhood market Walmart so not a normal Walmart – just a grocery store only.

      But I needed things today so instead I went through Target 🎯… I had never tried them… our target is also grocery store. But they “claim” to have fast pick up service… even their bags say “ready and waiting without the waiting” 🤨

      I didn’t get my full grocery load but drinks, and some canned goods, frozen foods and quick things like that. That’s all I needed

      Target already doesn’t have the best rep with me… I do not think they treat their employees the best?? I have heard things

      But I was very surprised how lacking they were in this grocery pick up service … I ordered this morning so should have been organized and ready to go by tonight!!

      I don’t think the employees had any kind of system going …it looked like a big giant mess of not knowing what doing 😮

      Walmart comes out one car at a time, there were 3 of us there… they came out with everything all at once …. I was there first and they went to another car thinking that was me … that one was not a sedan, not my color car and not same make… which I had to enter as well… I even had pushed when I left home and the app notified them when I arrived

      So I just expected – we have been doing this long enough!!! They should have this down by now!!

      Walmart’s goes way more seamlessly, is faster and easier … I just have to remember to order early so my fault on that.

      But I’m not using the Target one ever again… I would rather go in the store myself!! Whoa! Yeah was that bad! I use these service for reasons obviously… and again this is not a new thing. So just surprised was soooooo bad

      I spent like an hour getting groceries that should have been ready to go without mistakes – and I understand little mistakes but not like that!!


    1. It was Target 🎯… I was shocked how bad the service was … see the other comment above …

      I spent like an hour there mostly waiting!! I will not use them again – that was the worst grocery pick up service ever!!

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    2. I also live like 20 minutes from town … so I didn’t get all my groceries until 7:30!

      They did apologize – and I appreciate that… but I am still not ever using that again – too much of a hassle and I don’t want to chance issues again.

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